Education 2003 - Ph.D.,Cellular Biochemistry, University of Bari 1998 - School of Pharmacy, University of Bari - Degree with honour in Medicinal Chemistry Career/ Academic Appointments November 2015 - present - Associate Professor in Biochemistry -Department of Biosciences Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutics, University of Bari 24/09/2018 – Scientifi Abilitation for full Professorship in Biochemistry 2011 – 2015 - Senior researcher - Department of Biosciences Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutics, University of Bari 2005-2011 - Senior researcher Department of Pharmaco-Biology, School of Pharmacy, University of Bari 2002-05- Senior researcher: Department of Pharmaco-Biology, School of Pharmacy, University of Calabria Stages – Fellowships 2017- present - Visting invited professor in Biotechnology at the University of Lille 2 – Department of Chemistry 2012 - DAAD fellowship at the Institute of Applied Microbiology – RWTH Aachen University (Germany) in the laboratory of Prof. Lars M. Blank 1999 - Visiting Ph.D. student at the Linus Pauling Institute – Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon USA in the laboratory of Prof. Tory M. Hagen National and international grants (as principal investigator): 2016 – ERA-IB European Project “Ttraffic” – “Toxicity and Transport for Fungal production of Industrial Compounds” - Subcontract with the RWTH Aachen University – Role: PI 2017 – Research contract with the Industrial Microorganisms National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” (Russia) for the study of fungal mitochondrial carriers - Role: PI Completed grant support: 2010-2014 - EU’s 7 th Framework Program. - European Multilevel Integrated Biorefinery Design for Sustainable Biomass Processing – as member of the Interuniversity Consortium CHEMICAL REACTIVITY and CATALYSIS - Role: collaborator 2011-2014 – PON (PON01_02093) – “New technological platforms for the improvement of producing processe of biological pharmaceutilcals from natural sources” (“Studio di nuove tecnologie e piattaforme tecnologiche per il miglioramento di processi produttivi di principi attivi farmaceutici di interesse industriale e ricerca di nuove molecole bioattive da sorgenti naturali”) - Role: collaborator 2008-2013 – FIRB “Italian Human ProteomeNet” - Role: collaborator 2007-2010 - FAR – “Interdisciplinary laboratory for anti-infective drugs” (“Laboratorio Interdisciplinare per i Farmaci Antinfettivi (LIFA)”) 2004-2006 - PRIN 2004: “Structure and function of mitochondrial carrier family members through heterologous expression and charchterization on proteoliposomes” (“Studi di struttura e funzione dei trasportatori mitocondriali mediante cross-linking e mediante espressione eterologa e caratterizzazione nei proteoliposomi”) - Role: collaborator 2003-2005 - PRIN 2003: “Bioenergetics and physio-pathology of mitochondrial transporters” - “Bioenergetica e fisiopatologia dei trasportatori mitocondriali” - Role: collaborator National and international acknowledgments 2017- 2019- visiting professor fellowship (Biotechnology) from the University of Lille -Department of Chemistry 2016 and 2019 – Erasmus+ (TUCEP) invited Professor (Biotechnology) fellowship - Department of Chemistry - Universitè Lille 1 - France 2012 - DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) fellowship 2018 – Reviewer for the French National Research Agency (ANR) Editorial Responsibilities 2018 – New Biotechnology (reviewer) 2018 – Journal of Experimental Botany (reviewer) 2017 – Microbial cell factories (reviewer) 2016 - Frontiers in Microbiology (review editor - editorial board) 2016 – Biotechnology for Biofuels (reviewer) 2016 - FEBS Journal (reviewer) 2015 - Process Biochemistry (reviewer) 2015 -Metabolic Engineering (reviewer) 2014 - Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry (reviewer) 2013 -FEMS Microbiolgy Letters (reviewer and associate editor) Teaching Activities 2017- present – Professor of Biochemistry – Degree Course of Medicinal Chemistry 2017- present – Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry - Degree Course of Human Nutrition 2009-16 - Professor of Applied Biochemistry – Degree Course of Pharmacy – University of Bari 2006-08 - Assistant professor of animal and plant Biology – Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Bari 2002-06 - Assistant professor of Biochemistry, Physical Biochemistry , Applied Biochemistry , and Human Systematic Biochemistry – Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Calabria Advising & Supervision 2009-13 - Supervisor of 2 Ph.D. Thesis – Doctorate in “Functional and Applied Genomics and Proteomics” 2012-13 - Supervisor of a post-doctoral research program in the FP7 Research Project EUROBIOREF 2011 - Member of CIRCC (Interuniversity Consortium Chemical Reactivity and Catalysis) 2002 - Member of the Italian Biochemical Society 1999 - Member of the Italian Bioenergetics and Biomembranes Society

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