Gennaro Agrimi

Assistant Professor BIO/10 Biochemistry

 Genaro Agrimi






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Research activities:

My latest research interests are both in applied and basic research. In the basic research field I have been studying the effect of cell compartmentation on cell metabolisms and bioenergetic in S.cerevisiae and higher eukaryotes with particular focus on the role of mitochondria and mitochondrial carriers. In the applied research field I have been focusing on metabolic engineering of microrganisms and biocatalysis for the production of value added chemicals and proteins. In particular I have studied the metabolism and the biotechnological applications of yeast and probiotic bacteria.

Currently I am responsible of an action in the ERA-IB project “Ttraffic - Toxicity and Transport for Fungal production of Industrial Compounds” where my research group aims to identify the role of mitochondrial transporters in the biotechnological production of an itaconic acid an important industrial building block.

I have active collaborations with the following research groups: University of Milano Bicocca.- Italian Energy Agency (ENEA) - Institute of Applied Microbiology, RWTH Aachen University – Faculty of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Saga University, Japan – State Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microrganisms, Moscow, Russi.


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