Anna Maria D'Erchia

Professore Associato BIO/11 Biologia molecolare

 Anna Maria D'Erchia






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Linee di ricerca 

 Main research activities are focused on:

- transcriptome profiling of protein coding and non-coding portion of the genomes (miRNA, lncRNA and circRNA), even at single cell resolution, to investigate gene expression in healthy and disease conditions (such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancer) in order to identifythe transcripts that can be used as biomarkers for diagnosis and/or prognostic use and for the rational design of new therapeutic approaches;

- characterization of the mutational spectrum in hereditary cardiomyopathies, in order to identify new gene-phenotype associations that could provide significant contributions in thediagnosis of cardiomyopathy and in the clinical management of patients;

- metagenomic studies to investigate the microbial communities of environmental samples andtheir correlations with environmental variations, with a specific focus on the intestina lmicrobiota to investigate its role in immune dysregulation.

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Studio:  Nuovi Dipartimenti Biologici - studio n.49, 1° piano


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