Laboratories and libraries

Il Dipartimento è stato disattivato con D.R. n. 3403 del 22.09.2022

Tutte le attività didattiche, di ricerca e di terza missione proseguono regolarmente

nella disponibilità del Dipartimento di Scienze del Suolo, della Pianta e degli Alimenti (DISSPA)

The DiSAAT Department has been deactivated and all activities have been moved to the DiSSPA Department. THE phD COURSE, THEREFORE, CONTINUES ITS ACTIVITIES REGULARLY AT THE DISSPA Department.

The link to the new website is:



Laboratories and Equipment
The departments have several laboratories and equipment that the hosted PhD students can use. The DISAAT has an experimental field in Valenzano (BA) with greenhouses and green infrastructure and a DESERT platform to reuse wastewater. The DICATECh has 20 laboratories, such as the vast Coastal Engineering Laboratory. The DISSPA, the DMMM, the DEI, and the Physics Department include numerous laboratories related to the research areas of the Course, with wide availability of hardware and software for the development of new technologies.

Library heritage
The Central Library at Faculty of Agraria has a book patrimony of 32,500 monographs, the DISAAT library has geographic maps, CDs, manuscripts, microfiches. The Polytechnic of Bari has a central library with 46,000 volumes; the DICATECh has a library set up in 2012. The DISSPA, the DMMM, the DEI, and the Department of Physics have libraries equipped with various specialized books regarding the PhD course topics in Italian and foreign languages.
Magazines, e_resources and databases
The Central Library of Agraria Faculty has 22,100 periodicals and 25 electronic bibliographic resources (5 databases + 20 ebooks). The DICATECh library has 584 publications of paper journals, with several preserved vintages equal to 32,500. There are also 60 subscriptions to online foreign magazines and 30 subscriptions to printed magazines. DISSPA, DMMM, DEI, and the Department of Physics own numerous scientific journals in paper and electronic format.
The University of Bari's electronic resources (electronic journals and databases, such as MathSciNet, DL of the IEEE, Scifinder, ISI web of sciences; Scopus) are available to PhD students from inside and outside the local network. Polytechnic university of Bari has subscriptions with the significant engineering databases such as ScienceDirect and IEEExplore and other more specific databases (Optical Society of America, ACS, Ebsco, UNI Standards, Scopus, SpringerLink, Web of Science, Wiley) are available.

Scientific software
The research laboratories of DISAAT-UNIBA are equipped with HW / SW available for PhD students, such as DesignBuilder for EnergyPlus and MATLAB with SIMULINK for energy simulation; GaBi 8 for LCA. Other scientific software and tools are available at Polytechnic university of Bari such as ANSYS, SYSWELD, MiniTab17, Featurecam, Geomagic, Photomodeler, Agisoft photoscan, PowerMill, Mach3, Unity 5 Pro, MATLAB, COMSOL Multiphysics, CADENCE, OptiBPM, Optisystem, FIMMWAVE, L-edit; RSoft; Labview, C / C ++.

Workspaces and computational resources for PhD students
The Central Library of Agraria Faculty has a total area of 480 m2, 98 reading places, and two computer stations for users. The DISAAT has 4 other computer stations. The DICATECh library is equipped with a room with study stations for consulting the volumes and a computer station to browse electronic resources. Numerous workstations are available for PhD students within the departments. PhD students have adequate space and computing resources at all laboratories to perform their research. Furthermore, a central computing cluster at Polytechnic university of Bari can be used for intense analysis.

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