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The PPE Master Programme is a rigorous path of training. You will study a number of courses that will provide you with a thorough Master level training that meets international standards in the core areas of philosophy and economics.

You will be trained in tackling problems with an interdisciplinary perspective. This will entail not only familiarity with the different disciplines but also being trained in the ability to reason, reflect, and put forward your arguments easily in all three disciplines. You will gain the skills for applying the specialist methods and theoretical frameworks from philosophy, politics and economics for studying problems that are relevant to all disciplines.


Modules in Philosophy

Political Philosophy - 

Islam and Liberal Democracy: New Challenges and Possibilities

Logic and Theory of Argumentation

The Philosophical Roots of European Identity


The Middle East in Global Politics: Power, Identity and Human Rights

International Law and Political relations in the Euro-Mediterranean Context

Geopolitics and Political History of the Euro-Mediterranean Region

Migrations, Borders and Human Rights



Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics

Globalization and comparative development in the Euro-Mediterranean Societies

Topics in International Economics

Finally, you will write a Master thesis in which you demonstrate your abilities to undertake sustained, independent, and specialized research.

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