Master in Philosophy, Politics and Economics in Med (PPE)

The Master Programme in Philosophy, Politics and Economics has been created by the collaboration of faculty belonging to five departments of the University of Bari who have decided to join their competences and expertise to offer a course unique in Southern Italy. A central aspect of such post-diploma training is provided by partner universities where students are required to spend at least one term.

It is a one year course of studies based on a rigorous study plan that will address core areas in philosophy, economics and politics, steering especially toward problems for which these disciplines are interwoven. The course will be taught entirely in English.


The MA Programme in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is directed at students who appreciate the importance of an interdisciplinary preparation and want to combine economic analytical and quantitative training with an understanding of contemporary political and social challenges that goes to the deeper philosophical questions. The interdisciplinary and international preparation provided by Bari PPE will lead holders of diploma to pursue both research-based careers and executive roles in academia, public service and business.

In designing this course, we had in mind bachelor graduates in economic, political and philosophical disciplines who are interested in broadening their understanding of the major problems of our complex contemporary society and want to pursue, for example, the sharpening of their methodological abilities in economics and/or a better normative reflection on philosophical issues. Such preparation and abilities will  focus in particular on the Med region and its issues.



We see the intersection of politics, philosophy and economics as key to the understanding of the complex problems of our contemporary globalized society, which can no longer be tackled from the perspective of a unilateral education. Following the lead of the Oxford PPE started in the 1920s, we believe that only the combined use of quantitative and qualitative analysis deriving from economic and philosophical methodologies will allow students to grasp the multiple facets of questions concerning the allocation and distribution of resources and means of production in an ever-increasingly globalized world.

For example, just to name a few of the more outstanding questions:  What is the place of freedom in the face of threats to our security? What is the meaning of equality with regard to the large gap between developed and underdeveloped countries? Can our economies still afford globalisation or should we restrain it for reasons of social solidarity? How should we regulate migration flows? Do migrants endanger the culture and values we have been developing since the Enlightenment? Should we as EU citizens be concerned with the so-called ‘democratic deficit’ of the EU? Who bears responsibility for climate change? What are the new challenges for societies in the Med area?

The Bari PPE programme, similar to its partners’ programmes, is an advanced course aimed at preparing graduates for roles as advanced public policy analysts, public servants and engaged business professionals. Through its interdisciplinary model, our MA programme offers not only the necessary tools for serious students who want to look beyond disciplinary boundaries, but also an advanced training in the concepts and methods of social and economic justice, ethics, and the theory of argumentation for those who both grasp the importance of normative concepts and want to defend their positions in the context of public debate.



The PPE Master Programme has a clear structure, with core courses in all three disciplines and a framework of integration of the philosophical, political and economic approaches.
The opportunity of expanding one’s horizons by spending one semester in a partner university will allow our students to specialize according to their own interests while improving their experience and knowledge of European society.

Our programme will provide students with solid foundations and the opportunity to shape their professional profiles in a unique way.