Faculty belonging to the following departments, Jonian Dept. of Law and Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics, and Law, have decided to collaborate and join their resources to offer a course unique in Southern Italy.
In designing this course we have tried to combine its high degree of original interdisciplinarity – in its many examples across Europe and the U. S. – with the particular geopolitical location of Bari in the Med area. We aim to prepare students well aware of the variety of political and economic – not to mention social and legal – problems that emerge from the meeting and, sometimes, clash of cultures. Some of our courses reflect questions concerning political relations, religions, migrations and human rights in the Med area insofar as they relate to the European Union. Special attention will be dedicated to the general framework of ideas behind our Mediterranean interlocutors through courses on the Middle East and Political Relations and Political Philosophy and Islam.
The preparation we provide
The Bari PPE is targeted at students with an interest in combining a preparation in the fundamentals of economics with philosophically informed studies that involve crucial political questions on, for example, globalization, climate change, social solidarity, and migration flows. Those who have economics training in their Bachelor degrees will broaden their range of interests and understanding by being exposed to political problems and philosophical methods of analysis and normative reflection. Conversely, those who come from other backgrounds – such as political science, philosophy, law, etc. – will benefit from the analytical and quantitative methods taught by economics and from the normative perspective introduced by studies of ethics and political philosophy. An advanced training in the concepts and methods of philosophical disciplines, including logics and the theory of argumentation, will offer a very different and interdisciplinary perspective with regard to standard Master programmes in philosophy, political sciences, economics, or business and management.
Opportunities of studying abroad
The PPE Master programme offers the opportunity to carry out a part of the studies leading to our PPE master course in another European university, among which are Witten/Herdecke,  Bayreuth, Graz and Bochum. Credits earned in courses at those partner institutions will be counted for the Uniba degree. Each of these websites shows the large variety of educational opportunities offered by their PPE programme
This variety of opportunities will enlarge the choices available to our PPE students that in addition to the interdisciplinary education received in Bari will take some courses abroad, experiencing the richness of international human contacts and sharpening their preparation in the subjects of their choosing (according to the priority conferred to philosophy, politics or economics).

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