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RW 2018

14th Reasoning Web Summer School
Quando dal 22/09/2018 alle 09:00
al 26/09/2018 alle 18:00
Dove Luxembourg
PartecipantiClaudia d'Amato (University of Bari)
Martin Theobald (University of Luxembourg)
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The research areas of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Knowledge Graphs have received a lot of attention in academia and industry recently. Since its inception in 2001, the Semantic Web has aimed at enriching the existing Web with meta-data and processing methods, so as to provide Web-based systems with intelligent capabilities such as context-awareness and decision support. Over the years, the Semantic Web vision has been driving many community efforts which have invested a lot of resources in developing vocabularies and ontologies for annotating their resources semantically.
Besides ontologies, rules have long been a central part of the Semantic Web framework and are available as one of its fundamental representation tools, with logic serving as a unifying foundation. Linked data is a related research area which studies how one can make RDF data available on the Web, and interconnect it with other data with the aim of increasing its value for everybody.
Knowledge Graphs have been shown useful not only for Web search (as demonstrated by Google, Bing etc) but also in many application domains.

The 14th Reasoning Web Summer School will take place in Luxembourg on 22-26 September 2018, Belval campus, as part of the Luxembourg Logic for AI Summit (LuXLogAI).

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