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IEEE Conference on Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems

Quando dal 27/05/2020 alle 09:00
al 29/05/2020 alle 18:00
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The 2020 IEEE Conference on Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems (IEEE EAIS2020) will be held in Bari (Italy) the second-largest town in southern Italy after Naples. Bari is the most important city of Apulia and stands on the Adriatic coast. For the second time round, Apulia has received the prestigious award of “Best value travel destination in the world”. According to National Geographic, it is the most beautiful region of the world.

IEEE EAIS2020 will provide a working and friendly atmosphere and will be a leading international forum focusing on the discussion of recent advances, the exchange of recent innovations and the outline of open important future challenges in the area of Evolving and Adaptive Intelligent Systems.

Over the past decade, this area has emerged to play an important role on a broad international level in today's real-world applications, especially ones with high complexity and dynamics change. Its embedded modeling and learning methodologies are able to cope with real-time demands, changing operation conditions, varying environmental influences, human behaviors, knowledge expansion scenarios and drifts in online data streams.

IEEE EAIS2020 is co-sponsored by the IEEE SMC Society and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

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