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The International Master of Science in Innovation DEvelopment in Agrifood Systems (IDEAS) provides students with an attractive and innovative program aiming at forming the new professional figure of AgriFood Innovation Broker.

She/He is an expert developing and transferring the knowledge from the scientific to the business world to innovate the agrifood systems improving primary production and resource use efficiency (more with less) and valorizing the waste biomass and by-products. 

The IDEAS teaching programs are focused on three main fields, deeply interconnected and crucial for building skills and knowledge of the new professional figure:

  1. Innovative techniques for low input production in agrifood systems;
  2. Innovative techniques for waste reduction and biomass recycling;
  3. Business promotion and cross competencies.

Acquired skills and competences

  • Implementation of innovative agro-techniques able to improve the production features and the resource use efficiency.
  • Management of the Support Decision Systems and the related sensors to optimise crop management and plant protection.
  • Exploitation of new plant breeding strategies and local genotypes adapted to low input cropping systems.
  • Implementation of innovative strategies aiming at reducing post-harvest losses and at increasing the product shelf-life.
  • Implementation of new technologies for the management, use and recycle of biomass with a circular economy vision for producing new food, alternative amendments, biofuels and added value materials.
  • Application of  the principle of bioeconomy, circular economy, startup launch, and social innovation within the Agrifood sector.
  • Technology transfer activity.

Admission requirements

The applicants need a first degree (Bachelor) or a recognized foreign qualification usually equal to a 3-year full-time undergraduate (180 ECTS). The Bachelor degree will be subject to ad hoc evaluation by specific Committee. 

The applicants need at least 24 ECTS in several fundamental academic disciplines or acquisition of them according to didactic regulation. Positive outcome at the test for personal knowledge assessment is required if the certified degree mark is lower than 90/110 or equivalent. 

Non-native English applicants must possess at least a B2 level in English, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students lacking the certification will prove their preparation answering at a multiple choice English grammar test.

For international students please look and follow the ministerial rules at this link:

Admission procedure

For the admission you must receive the eligibility for access by the admission commission of IDEAS.

Please, fill the admission request form below and send to:

Prof Luigi Ricciardi, Coordinator for the course , and Dr. Fara Martinelli, Didactic Manager

After receiving the eligibility (first week of September), please make the pre-enrollment process, on the website:

After the pre-enrollment, the University accepts the students with reserve.

The embassy should issue the study visa only after this step.

Then, it is possible to enroll and submit all titles, which are obviously legalized, authenticated and translated with the declaration of value released by the same Italian Embassy in your country.

Admission fees and scholarships

It is important to have all the income and real estate documents of your family authenticated and translated by the Italian embassy in your country.

Once here in Italy request the parified ISEE (Indicator of the Equivalent Economic Situation). This parified ISEE will be used to calculate university fees.

The fees are the same as for Italian students and calculated on the basis of merit and income. The maximum fees are around € 2000 per year for ISEE higher than € 100,000, but it is generally lower, even equal to zero. 

Scholarships are provided for foreign students enrolled starting from the second year on the basis of specific merit criteria, always showing the parified ISEE.

Informations about scholarships are available at:

Morerover, every year there are additional grants for foreign citizens and Italian citizens living abroad awarded by the Italian government. Please check at the following webpage for new applications:


About housing, the University does not have residences. Students can submit an application to the Adisu regional body which provides residences and colleges and scholarships for students: https: // which are always assigned according to the criteria of merit and income.

You can find all the indications for possible accommodation also on this site:!/city/Bari

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 Academic calendar, A.Y. 2022-2023

 Plan of study


 Exams timetable

 Contact person: prof. Faccia Michele

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