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The Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences (DISSPA) has 55 faculty members, a constantly growing number of researchers, and 53 non-academic staff members. They teach and carry out innovative researches related to plant biology, agricultural and food sciences, in collaboration with private businesses and institutions, at a local, national and international level, showed by numerous research projects. Transversal, interdisciplinary and integrated skills identify the starting point for an innovative and competitive research and didactic. More than 585 scientific publications have been produced in the last three years, almost all published in the first rank positions in the metrics for International scientific journals and indexed by ISI / SCOPUS (source Iris-Uniba); more than a third of the scientific publications were in collaboration with foreign institution. The high level research is assured by effective and efficient labs, instruments and experimental farms.
DiSSPA holds 1 Bachelor and (First Cycle Degree Courses), 4 Master of Science courses. (Second Cycle Degree Courses) (one of which entirely held in English), as well as several Teacher Training courses, Master Programmes and two PhDs.

The students are hosted on an ideal study context thanks to direct and constant interaction with their teachers and good facilities (labs, classrooms, library). Students have the opportunities to take part in exchange and cooperation programmes thanks to a number of agreements with international universities, undergraduate and postgraduate traineeships, on-the-job training in different companies and guidance for a better integration into the professional world.


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