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 BIND lab:

The laboratory of Brain Imaging, Networks, and Data mining (BIND), directed by Dr. Giulio Pergola, exists to bind the biological layers that are the foundation of our brain and behavior. We combine data mining of transcriptomic and genomic datasets with neuroimaging, behavioral, and clinical variables. We have been the first to develop co-expression Quantitative Trait Loci (co-eQTLS) and to combine them with a novel algorithm that weighs alleles independently of allelic dosage into Polygenic Co-expression Indices. We have shown that co-expression predictions are associated with replicable neuroimaging signatures and contribute to clinical measures such as treatment response to antipsychotics in a way that differs from polygenic risk scores.

BIND gathers researchers with diverse expertise in the field of imaging genetics, including biologists, biotechnologists, residents in Psychiatry, and psychologists. This ensemble of backgrounds reflects the high interdisciplinarity of the field of imaging genetics, with some researchers specialized in neuroimaging, and others working on computational genetics and biostatistics. We welcome students from all fields of neuroscience who are passionate about the inner workings of the human brain.

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