Team members

Faculty and staff


Linda Antonucci, PhD Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology

Interested in personalized psychiatry and clinical psychology



Giulio Pergola, PhD – Assistant Professor in Biological Psychology

Interested in inter-individual variation in brain and behavior


Tiziana Quarto, PhD – MEG staff scientist

Interested in fMRI and MEG correlates of cognitive and emotional affective phenotypes


Postdoctoral Fellows:


Leonardo Fazio, PhD 

Interested in task- and resting-state based functional neuroimaging


Christian Valt, PhD 

Interested in the association of MEG with risk for psychosis 


Board-certified Psychiatrists:


Enrico D’Ambrosio, MD 

Interested in neurobiological mechanisms underlying response to antipsychotics


Pierluigi Selvaggi, MD

Interested in the effects of antipsychotics on brain function


Residents in Psychiatry:



Francesco Piarulli, MD

Interested in neuroimaging-based normative models and their relevance to mental health


Marina Sangiuliano, MD

Interested in early identification of clinical high risk for psychosis


Angelantonio Tavella, MD 

Interested in MEG endophenotypes of schizophrenia


PhD students in Applied Neuroscience:


Annalisa Lella, MS 

Interested in structural neuroimaging and data mining affective neuroscience




Roberta Passiatore, MS 

Interested in multimodal functional connectivity



Alessandra Raio, MS 


Interested in machine learning based applications to predictions in clinical and neuropsychological datasets


Leonardo Sportelli, MS 

Interested in genetic variation associated with gene co-expression

Giuseppe Stolfa, MS  

Interested in graph theory techniques applied to functional neuroimaging

Research Interns:

Veronica Debora Toro, MS




Vita Maria Calia, Psychiatrist

Interested in the association between MEG correlates and psychosis remission

Pasquale Di Carlo, Psychiatrist, PhD candidate

Interested in biostatistics, transcriptomics and epigenetics of schizophrenia 


Piergiuseppe Di Palo, Psychiatrist

Interested in clinical profiling and genetic risk of patients with schizophrenia 


Monica Nicoli, Psychologist

Interested in resting state-based functional connectivity and its association with cognitive indices

Marco Papalino, Psychiatrist

Interested in translational genetics and treatment response prediction

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