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Erasmus courses for the Master's Degree LM-54

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Bari offers exchange opportunities for international students as well as for academic and non-academic staff around the world. Students can choose from a wide variety of the study mobility programs such as Erasmus plus, global thesis etc. The following courses of the Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences are available in English for the incoming Erasmus students at the University of Bari:



Analitical Chemistry of Materials 

K. Manoli

Process Analytical Chemistry

L. Sabbatini

Organic Natural Compounds

A. Nacci

Green Techniques for organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry

L. D’Accolti

Fundamental and Technological aspects of Laser Induced Plasma

A. De Giacomo

Advanced spectroscopy for structural studies

R. Musio

Biorefinery and carbon recycling

A. Dibenedetto

Applied Mass Spectrometry

 C.D. Calvano

Pubblicato il: 04/09/2018