Research topics

The research activities of the Obstetric Clinic unit are focused on the following topics:

  • Dysfunctional pathologies in bovine sterility: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and therapies
  • The role of GnIH and Kisspeptin in etiopathogenesis of bovine reproduction
  • Oxidative stress and reproduction
  • Innovative diagnostic methods (ecocolordoppler, thermal imaging camera) in reproduction pathologies
  • In vitro study of antibiotics and hormone, on uterine and ovarian strips
  • Extender standardization and semen freezing in different animal species
  • Prostatic pathologies in dog
  • Reproductive biotechnologies in camelides
  • Maturation and fertilization in ovine and equine gametes
  • In vitro embryo production (ovine and equine)
  • Freezing of animal oocytes and embryo

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