Equal Opportunities Board

The activity of the Equal Opportunities Board of the University of Bari, which began almost twenty years ago, is dedicated to the whole university community.

It is characterized by five main guidelines:
1. clearing up situations of inconvenience and discrimination in a working context;
2. balance between working and leisure time;
3. selection of innovative socio-educational services;
4. activities aimed at deepening the gender culture and at improving the quality of life;
5. activities of training/information/involvement for those working within the University.

The Equal Opportunities Board will soon be replaced by the Single Committee of Guarantee for equal opportunities, for enhancement of the welfare of workers, and against discrimination, as per art. 21 of the Law n. 183/2010 and as is currently being defined by the new status of University under Act n. 240/2010.

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published on Mar 26, 2013 last modified May 23, 2022