Student Rights Ombudsman

The Student Rights Ombudsman safeguards and guarantees student rights. 

The Ombudsman's office is a place where students’ questions, complaints and concerns about the functioning of the University may be discussed confidentially in a safe environment. 

The Student Council or any individual may turn to the Student Rights Ombudsman who, in accordance with the law, will express an opinion and, if necessary, report to the appropriate bodies.

According to the University Statute, the Student Rights Ombudsman may be contacted only by the Student Council or individual students, and may not accept anonymous reports.

The Student Rights Ombudsman:

  • investigates and verifies the development of student-organised, non-profit, cultural, social and sports activities;
  • lays down the criteria for the evaluation, financing and verification of student-organised activities, after hearing the mandatory opinion of the Students’ Council and the University Academic Senate;
  • puts forward suggestions and expresses opinions on the implementation of student rights;
  • submits an annual report on his/her activity to the Academic Senate and to the Students’ Council.

The Student Rights Ombudsman's public records are not legally binding.

The Student Rights Ombudsman

dott. Marco DINAPOLI

phone: + 39 080 571 4099

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published on Mar 26, 2013 last modified Jun 28, 2022