Jean Monnet working papers

The Jean Monnet Working Papers represent the outcome of the research activities carried out, under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Campesi, by students of the University of Bari participating in the Jean Monnet Lab. The Jean Monnet Working Papers, as a result of collective research efforts, are addressed to the challenging analyses of current practices of the migrants and asylum seekers human rights protection in reception centers of border areas.

The Jean Monnet Working Papers are a publication of the University of Bari being freely downloadable in PDF format through this web page.

Jean Monnet Working Paper 1/2022

The first Jean Monnet Working Paper was published at the end of 2022, summarizing the main results of the field research activities carried out by students who participated in the 2021/2022 edition of the Jean Monnet Lab. The Working Paper, curated by Prof. Giuseppe Campesi and Dr. Elena Carletti, focuses on the analysis of general conditions at the Center of First Reception for asylum seekers of  Bari Palese.

Jean Monnet Working Paper 2/2023

Jean Monnet Working Paper 3/2024


Course Coordinator


Giuseppe Campesi

Department of Political Sciences

University of Bari 'Aldo Moro'

Corso Italia 23, 70121 BARI

published on Nov 21, 2023 last modified Feb 09, 2024

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