The Jean Monnet Course

Course Outline

The Jean Monnet course on 'Migration, Borders, and Human Rights' lasts 64 hours in total (8 ECTS credits) and it is entirely taught in English within the Master's Degree program in International Relations and European Studies and the Master Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in MED (PPE). However, the course can also be taken as an elective class by students from any Master's Degree program at the University of Bari.

The course intends to provide students with an introduction to about EU policies on border control, with a specific focus on the challenges to human rights protection in the Euro-Mediterranean region. These topics will be addressed from a distinctly multidisciplinary perspective, combining legal, political theory and social sciences approaches.

Throughout the course, national and international experts will be invited to give public lectures aimed at stimulating and expanding the debate on the challenges to human rights protection in border regions even beyond the restricted academic community.



Course Coordinator


Giuseppe Campesi

Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche
Università degli Studi di bari
Corso Italia 23
70123 Bari

published on Nov 21, 2023 last modified Feb 09, 2024

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