Agency for the Right to University Study (ADiSU)


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The Agency for the Right to University Study (ADiSU)  is a body established by Regional Law no. 12/96 of 5 July 1996, in accordance with national legislation on the right to education.

The activity of ADiSU aims to remove any economic and social barriers restricting the right to higher education for students enrolled at the University of Bari.


ADiSU serves the welfare of students by providing the following:

  • housing service;
  • catering service;
  • book service;
  • transport service;
  • access to sports facilities (CUS = University sports centre);
  • student-friendly action;
  • scholarships;
  • regional fee rebate;
  • services for the disabled;
  • cultural, recreational, tourist and sports initiatives.


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published on Mar 19, 2013 last modified Mar 01, 2018