Subsidies for students with special needs

The University of Bari Aldo Moro has set up an "extraordinary expense” mechanism called "Subsidies for students with special needs", which is aimed at giving an extra subsidy to students who are in conditions of severe economic hardship or who have a disability that could prevent them from pursuing their studies.

The circumstances qualifying students for a grant include:

  • those students whose family has been or is already financially disadvantaged or whose financial situation has worsened due to redundancy, lay-offs, or job loss of one or more family members;
  • separation or divorce of parents, or the death of one or both parents, or responsibilities related to the custody of young children;

  • illness or such causes which prevent a student from achieving the academic merit required to be entitled to an ADiSU (Agency for the Right to University Study) scholarship;

  • illness of other members of the family leading to loss of income and considerable outlay of expenses;

  • other reasons not covered by the above (insufficient income, debt, bankruptcy, etc.) which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Factors giving rise to the grounds for the subsidy request must have occurred no more than one year before the date of submission of the request.

Students may submit an application at any time which will be considered by a Commission Board on a random basis on the following dates: 28 February, 30 June and 31 October of each year.

The grant may be awarded only once during each academic year and may not be combined with other funds transferred in any way (ADiSU grants - University grants - Part-time collaboration etc.).

Those who have not already benefitted from the subsidy in a given academic year will generally take precedence over those who have the following year.

The granting of aid is subject to the scrutiny of a special regulation.


Performance-related prizes

Students who pass all their examinations (by September 30 of each academic year, including proficiency testing, language laboratory work, internships, seminars, workshops, etc.) of the statutory Department curriculum for the years prior to enrolment, who are not behind with their examinations, have not repeated a year or re-registered, and who have an average mark of not less than 29/30, are eligible for the prize (upon presentation of an application, to be submitted by October 31 of each year to the General Secretary) in the form of a prize of 260 euro, exclusively to be used for the purchase of books.


Scholarships and other study-related and degree course awards

Scholarships for students

Beneficiaries: Students already registered according to standard procedure and not benefitting from any ADiSU Puglia grants at the time of the application.

How to apply: to win a scholarship offered by the University of Bari Aldo Moro you will need to have completed the online application for a scholarship in the periods indicated in the public notice of ADiSU Puglia and subsequently have delivered a paper copy of the application in person to the ADiSU student information office serving their area (Bari: Via Giustino Fortunato no. 4/G - Taranto: Via G. De Cesare nos. 100-102) or sent by registered mail only.

Criteria for awards: scholarships will be awarded according to a priority ranking list compiled by ADiSU and in proportion to the amount of funding available, as required by protocol. 

Allocation: The scholarships are paid in a lump sum subject to verification that winners possess the requirements laid down in the public competition notice published by ADiSU.


Donations for scholarship and graduation awards for students and graduates

Beneficiaries: deserving students and young graduates.

Criteria for awards: awards are conferred by means of a public notice procedure according to the applicants' qualifications, as published by rectoral decree, on the basis of merit and income criteria drawn up and assessed by the Admissions Committee. 

Allocation: awards are paid in a lump sum.


Scholarships for graduates funded by their university, or provided by public or private bodies, or coming from donations, agreements or contracts regarding commissioned work, or projects and research programs

Beneficiaries: young graduates.

Eligibility: scholarships are conferred on the basis of a qualifications and test-based competition, in accordance with the rectoral decree, according to the list drawn up by the Selection Board. 

Payment: post-paid two-monthly instalments upon confirmation by the project manager of the scholar’s satisfactory performance.


Degree awards for the best students of each Department

This award goes to the best student in each Department who is awarded a postgraduate degree.


Disabled students - Tax relief

Based on the requirements of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 30.04.1997, students with a recognised disability of between 66% and 100% are totally exempted from payment of tuition fees (even if the students are already in possession of an academic qualification).

Students with a recognised disability ranging from 45% to 65% are entitled to a 50% reduction of the amount due, even if they are already in possession of an academic qualification. Students with a disability ranging between 0% and 44% have to pay the full amount.


General information and procedures for the submission of the grant application

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