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Foreign students

Palazzo Ateneo
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Monday to Friday: 10.00 - 12.00

Community and non-community foreign students with a regular residence permit are admitted to this University under the same guidelines used for Italian students.
For students with dual nationality one of which is Italian, the Italian nationality is valid. Students can only apply to the University if they have valid secondary school qualifications and have successfully passed the admission test for limited enrolment courses.

Non-community students without a residence permit can be admitted within the limits of available positions, upon successfully passing an Italian language test. They must bring a pre-enrollment form (Modello A) to the Italian consular office of their country of origin, where the student’s signature and photo will be authenticated, in which the specific Bachelor’s Degree Course and the chosen University are indicated.
The following documents must be included with the application form (Modello A – two original copies):
  • an original copy of secondary school qualifications of at least 12 years of education, or a legally validated substitute certificate;
  • a document certifying eligibility to access higher education in their home Universities (es.: Vestibular for Brasil, Selectividad for Spain, Prova de Afericao o Prova Geral de Acceso ao Ensino Superior for Portugal). However, the applicants are not required to pass admission tests for limited enrolment faculties or courses in their country of origin;
  • a document which certifies partial or completed academic course of study, in cases where the number of secondary school years is less than 12; if foreign students already have a University Degree or have passed a certain number of exams in their country and want to validate them, a detailed description of the mentioned exams must be included in the application form;
  • two passport photos (one authenticated by the Italian consular office of the country of origin);
  • any certificate of Italian language skills given by one of the following academic institutions: III Università degli Studi di Roma, Università per Stanieri di Perugia and Università per Stranieri di Siena, or certificates of attendance given by other Universities offering courses under article 46, paragraph 3, of the DPR n. 394 of August 31 1999, which also have agreements with other educational institutions, local authorities or Regions. Such certifications can be valid qualifications or even substitute the Italian language skills test, if the Universities allow it. The students willing to take the above mentioned certificates may contact the foreign Institutions of Italian Culture in order to have information on how to obtain them.
For students from countries which have subscribed to the Aja Convention of October 5 1961, the documents must have the “Apostille” stamp, postmarked by the authorized local authorities.
All documents written in foreign languages must have a legally validated translation into Italian, marked by the Italian consular post.

The Italian consular post will return the original copies of school qualifications - legally marked by the Consul only where there is no international agreement - to the concerned students together with the certificate of equivalence of qualification (these documents will be delivered to the University’s office for registration).
The Italian consular post will also send authenticated copies of the above mentioned documents to the University chosen by the concerned student. Within 8 days following their arrival in Italy, the candidates must go to the Questura (the police headquarters) of the city they would like to live in, in order to have a student residence permit.
Upon registering for one of the courses offered by the University, foreign students must request to have their residence permit renewed, every year, at least 30 days before the expiration date.

Foreign students needing to take the Italian language examination (usually on early September) must bring their passport and student Visa, together with their residence permit or a proof of application for residency.
Students who do not pass the Italian language examination cannot take other aptitude or competitive examinations.


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