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Cardiolipin as key lipid of mitochondria in health and disease

October 1-2, 2017 Martina Franca, Italy
Quando dal 30/09/2017 alle 17:00
al 31/10/2017 alle 13:30
Dove Martina Franca
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Dear colleague,

This message is to let you know that we are organizing the third edition of the workshop dedicated to cardiolipin, the signature lipid of mitochondria, in Martina Franca (Italy), October 1-2, 2017.

Martina Franca is a small town in south Italy, not far from Bari, in the country of trulli. Barocco style and beautiful farms characterize the town and its charming surroundings.

The meeting is in its early preparation stages and we would like to ask you whether you would agree to give a plenary lecture.

One major problem is the difficulty to obtain funding for this kind of ad hoc meeting. For the previous meetings in Bari (2013) and Florence (2015), all speakers agreed to pay their own travel expenses. The situation may be the same for next year’s workshop, although efforts will be made to obtain at least some kind of financial support for the invited speakers.

Let me know at a suitable time whether you would be interested to attend the workshop and present your data.

The two-day-workshop will offer the opportunity to discuss various aspects of basic cardiolipin functions in biomembranes of prokaryotes and animal cells. At the same time, the availability of new pharmacological tools and connections between cardiolipin research and human physiology, in particular cardiac physiology will be highlighted.

As in previous workshop, in parallel with the scientific sessions the families of boys affected by Barth Syndrome will meet and discuss various aspects of the family management of the disease (Secondo incontro delle famiglie Barth Italia, 30 Settembre 2017).

We trust that you will also help us advertise the meeting and encourage the participation of young collaborators.

We have no doubt that your expertise and knowledge in this field will be of great value for the cardiolipin workshop and we look forward very much to your positive response.

Best regards,

Angela Corcelli, Peter Buetikofer and Michael Schlame


Angela Corcelli

Associate Professor of Physiology

Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Neurosciences and Sensory Organs

University of Bari Aldo Moro

Bari, Italy

E-mail: angela.corcelli@uniba.it


Peter Buetikofer

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

University of Bern

Bern, Switzerland


Michael Schlame

Associate Professor; Director of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia

Departments of Anesthesiology and Cell Biology

NYU Langone Medical Center

New York, USA


Simona Lobasso (Local Organizer)

Assistant Professor, Physiology

Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Neurosciences and Sensory Organs

University of Bari Aldo Moro

Bari, Italy





Cardiolipin alterations in pathophysiology                                                                                              

Interactions with respiratory complexes and other mitochondrial proteins                                                      

Role in membrane dynamics and morphology                                                                                     

Molecular and pharmacological aspects



Nathan Alder, Mark Bamberger, Alessandra Ferramosca, Judith Klein-Seetharaman, Paul J. LeBlanc, Colin Phoon, Mindong Ren, Lorenz Schild, Michael Schlame, Mauro Serricchio, Colin G. Steward, Hazel Szeto.



Scientific Program

Sunday, 1 October 2017


09:00                  Welcome Address

                          Angela Corcelli, Bari and Daniela Toniolo, Milano, Italy


Session 1:          Cardiolipin in pathophysiological states

                          Chairman: Corrado Poggesi, Firenze, Italy.


09:30-10:00         Colin G. Steward, Bristol, UK

                          Barth Syndrome: the UK national experience


10:00-10:30         Colin Phoon, New York, USA

                          Cardiac manifestations in Barth Syndrome


10:30-11:00         Paul J. LeBlanc, St. Catharines, Canada

                          Role of cardiolipin and tafazzin in skeletal muscle hypertrophy and atrophy


11:00-11:30         Coffee break


11:30-13:30         Poster session


13:30-14:30         Lunch


                          Chairman: Lanfranco Corazzi, Perugia, Italy.


15:00-15:30         Lorenz Schild, Magdeburg, Germany.

                          Lipid metabolism and proliferation of glioma cells – role of cardiolipin


15:30-16:00         Mindong Ren, New York, USA

                          A new extramitochondrial function of cardiolipin in male germ cells


16:00-16:30         Alessandra Ferramosca, Lecce, Italy

                          Mitochondria functionality and sperm quality


 20:00                   Social Dinner


Monday, 2 October 2017


Session 2:           Molecular and Pharmacological Aspects

                           Chairman: Peter Buetikofer, Bern, Switzerland


09:00-09:30         Michael Schlame, New York, USA

                          The molecular mechanism of tafazzin and physiological implications


09:30-10:00         Hazel Szeto, New York, USA

                          Interaction of SS-31 with CL- and MLCL-containing membranes and impact on lipid packing


10:00-10:30         Nathan Alder, Connecticut, USA

                          Biophysical approaches to unravel the nature of the interaction between

                          SS-31 and cardiolipin in lipid bilayers


10:30-11:00         Mark Bamberger, New York, USA

                          Targeting mitochondrial dysfunction with elamipretide: translation of basic and preclinical

                           research to human diseases


11:00-11:30         Coffee break/Poster session


                          Chairman: Michael Schlame, New York, USA


11:30-12:00         Judith Klein-Seetharaman, Coventry, UK

                          General and distinguishing features of cardiolipin binding sites on proteins


12:00-12:30         Mauro Serricchio, Bern, Switzerland

                         The organization of the cardiolipin synthesis complex and its interactions with mitochondrial proteins


                            Closing remarks



There is no registration fee for the Congress.

To register, simply please send an e-mail to : simona.lobasso@uniba.it with your name and affiliation.



Abstract submission for Posters and Lectures: September, 15th

Abstract submission

To submit your lecture or poster please follow the two steps below:

1)   To prepare a one page abstract (title, authorship and text), please keep the text to within 1500 characters

      (spaces  included) and save your abstract as doc format (.doc) on your computer (no .pdf please!) 

2)    To submit your abstract, please send it by e-mail to: simona.lobasso@uniba.it


Congress venue

Park Hotel San Michele

Viale Carella 79

74015 Martina Franca (TA)


Phone:+39-080 480 7053
Fax: +39-080 480 8895
E-mail: info@parkhotelsanmichele.it    http://www.parkhotelsanmichele.it


All events of the Cardiolipin Meeting 2017, including lunch and dinner for the participants, will be held in Park Hotel San Michele. The hotel is situated in the center of Martina Franca a few meters from the historical center. 

Martina Franca is located at approximately 80 km from Bari airport and 60 Km from Brindisi airport.


It will be possible the accommodation in park Hotel San Michele in double or single room for the duration of the course.

Reduced hotel rates have been arranged with the hotel for your stay and/or for accompanying persons. Please contact directly the Park Hotel San Michele for booking (http://www.parkhotelsanmichele.it/en/contact/).

Otherwise, you can visit these web sites to choose for other options https://www.bed-and-breakfast.it/it/martina-franca or https://www.booking.com/city/it/martina-franca.it.html.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us—we are here to help... 


Please visit directly the web site of Park Hotel San Michele for information (http://www.parkhotelsanmichele.it/en/contact/).



Cardiolipin gang 2015, Florence


Angela Corcelli, Daniela Toniolo and Mister Tafazzi (Un saluto da parte di Tafazzi per i bambini affetti dalla Sindrome di Barth) in Milan. Cardiolipin meeting organization.


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