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SSE’16, 8th Workshop on Social Software Engineering

Quando 14/11/2016
dalle 09:00 alle 17:00
Dove Seattle, USA
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Co-located with International Conference on Future of Software Engineering (FSE 2016) http://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/fse2016/

The Workshop on Social Software Engineering (SSE) focuses on the interplay between social computing and software engineering. On one hand, social factors in software engineering activities, processes and tools are essential for improving the quality of development processes and the software produced by them. Examples include the role of situational awareness and multi-cultural factors in collaborative software development. On the other hand, social software mediates people-to-people communication, supporting human choices, actions and interactions with each other. Social software needs to accommodate a wide range of social concepts, such as trust, governance, reputation, and privacy. Being social, the software would also need to be receptive to users’ choices and give them a voice in the design, operation and evolution decisions. The SSE workshop brings together academic and industrial perspectives to provide models, methods, tools and approaches to address these issues.

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