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Master of Science in Marketing (corso di laurea magistrale in Marketing LM-77)


Students will be able to develop specific operational as well as strategic skills including market analysis, strategic marketing planning, marketing implementation and monitoring in all types of industries.
In particular, students have to develop three different types of skills:
* multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge: the multidisciplinary approach of the program provides students with a solid theoretical background which helps them in applying an interdisciplinary view to any type of problems;
* operational competencies and capabilities related to marketing: the highly specialised attitude and approach the students will gain help them to face everyday challenges and problems. The portfolio of models and techniques that our students need to learn and experience during the course are taken from contemporary marketing practice and covers all the important issues of this discipline: qualitative and quantitative market research, product and brand management, services marketing, channel and distribution management, pricing, sales and key account management, and customer relationship management.
* soft skills: students, through practice and active learning, will get intellectual (i.e., diagnostic and analytical abilities, independent judgement, effective written and oral presentation, decision making under time-and knowledge-constraints) and managerial skills (i.e., teamworking, interpersonal skills, project management).  

Application & Requirements

The program is reserved to 100 students

Advisory Board

The program is supported by an Advisory board of managers from companies around the world.

International programs

Study abroad is a very important part of the program. Students can choose among different Universities around the world and two types of programs:

Student exchange (1 semester)
University of Kentucky, Gratton College of Business and Economics, Lexington, USA
Tel Aviv University, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv Israele
University of Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasile

Double degree program (9 months - 1 year)
Barry University, Miami, USA
Sup de Co, Montpellier, France


The last semester of the second year is devoted to internishps in partner companies, in which students can also develop their final dissertation

 Some of the companies that support the program are:

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