There are specific online procedures and deadlines for the enrollment for the academic year 2023/2024 of non-EU candidates who apply for a study visa for degree courses, master's degree courses and single-cycle master's degree courses.

 Before starting with the enrollment procedures it is necessary that students with a foreign qualification obtain the eligibility of the qualification through the evaluation of their curriculum:

- for master's degrees


 should contact the contact person of the U.O. Didactics of the department to which the chosen degree program belongs https://www.uniba.it/ricerca/dipartimenti

- for three-year and single-cycle master's degrees


 and https://www.uniba.it/didattica/corsi-di-laurea/offer-formativa/magistrale-ciclo-unico:

 contact the U.O. International students.


FIRST PHASE: Registration of personal data on the Uniba portal:


After completing the online registration on the portal, candidates can access the subsequent procedures directly from their personal page for choosing the academic path. The procedure ends with the receipt by the candidate of an e-mail notification with the "provisional" assignment of the registration number and the institutional e-mail address which will be activated with the payment of the 1st installment.

 The ESS3 system will process a first installment Pago PA bulletin (available in the PAYMENTS section) to be paid in order to complete the enrollment and activate the registration number and institutional e-mail address.


SECOND PHASE: Verification procedure and authenticity of the qualifications

The competent Student Secretariat verifies the career only after having received and verified all the original documents by "unlocking" them.

 Those who:

- have obtained a positive pre-evaluation for admission to a second level degree course by a didactic referent; and for the first level degree courses, evaluation of the high school qualification by the U.O International Students;

- only for non-EU citizens residing abroad, if they have demonstrated competence in the Italian language by delivering a B2 CLIQ certificate or by passing the Italian language proficiency test (only for study courses offered in Italian);

- only for non-EU citizens residing abroad, if they have submitted an application for pre-enrollment on the Universitaly portal https://www.universitaly.it/index.php/dashboard and the application has been approved and validated by the U.O.International Students;

- for all non-EU, EU and Italian students with a foreign qualification, if they have sent all valid study documents, translated into Italian or English, legalized or with Apostille stamp and accompanied by a Declaration of value or a CIMEA Certificate.


N.B .: In compliance with the provisions of the M.U.R. and the University regulations, enrollment is legally confirmed only if candidates also meet all the following conditions:

- have obtained a study visa from the competent Italian diplomatic representation and have requested a residence permit for study;

- arrived in Italy;

- have delivered to the competent secretariats the valid ORIGINAL study documents, translated into Italian or English, legalized or with Apostille stamp and accompanied by Declaration of value or CIMEA Certificate

- have paid the first installment



All lessons take place in person.

The full activation of the University services and the online functions takes place only after the confirmation of the enrollment by the competent secretariats


Therefore it is necessary that the payment of the first installment of the fees A.Y.2022 / 2023 has been purchased in ESSE3. When they are officially enrolled, students will be able to:

- activate the student card number and student card;

-present the study plan;

-book for the exam sessions and record the marks

- activate the institutional personal email address @ studenti.uniba.it



Request of study visa to the Italian diplomatic missions: 30 November 2023;

Have met the requirements for the confirmation of enrollment: November 30, 2023


ITALIAN AND COMMUNITY STUDENTS WITH FOREIGN QUALIFICATIONS must follow the procedures for "Italian citizens, citizens of the European Union and non-EU citizens equivalent or resident in Italy" or for the first level degree courses or single-cycle degree courses, or for second level degree courses.


All Italian or EU applicants with a foreign qualification must enroll directly following the procedures on this link: https://www.uniba.it/studenti/segreterie-studenti/procedure in the same way as Italian students, with the difference that they must deliver to the secretariats of competence of the chosen course of study, high school qualifications or academic qualifications translated into Italian and legalized with the declaration of value or CIMEA certificate.





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