Test session (a.a. 2022-23) "Computer Science"

TEST SESSION a.a. 2022-23
II level degree in Computer Science



II Session: reservations for the test must be done from the 25th of  october 2022 to the 18th of december 2022 by registering on the Computer Science Department e-learning platform and enrolling in the section “Master's Degree Evaluation Tests”.

Date and place of tests:
December 20th 2022, at 4.00 pm Shannon lab– Department of Computer Science - 4, Orabona Street, Bari

N.B.: in order to book for the test, students must be registered on the  ADA e-learning platform and enrolled in the Test LM course. Unregistered students can join by clicking on the item “SIGN UP” on the top right and inserting their personal data.

• the results are published on the ADA platform


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