International students: instructions for eligibility assessment for the Master Degree in Computer Science

For general information on the services provided by the University of Bari Aldo Moro to international students, please refer to:

or contact:

  • Ms. Orsola Castoro - Head of the Operational Unit Foreign Students - tel: +39805714643 -
  • Mr. Aldo Perri - Head of the Student Services Section - tel: +39805714651 -

For general information on the Master Degree in Computer Science, please refer to:

Student eligibility

In order to enrol in the Master Degree in Computer Science, prospective students must satisfy a number of requirements that are evaluated by a Committee. If the eligibility assessment is positive, students can apply for enrolling in the Master Degree according to the instructions that will be provided to them.

The eligibility assessment is based on the credits that are achieved by candidate students in their previous degree programs. Notice that candidate students that are unable to show their credits may not be evaluated. Also, notice that positive assessment of eligibility does not imply enrolment or visa approval: this is a separate procedure that is subject to restrictions according to University rules and national laws.

For information on the eligibility criteria, candidate students may refer to the didactic regulations available at:

Procedure for eligibility assessment

Eligibility assessment open on April 1, 2023 and closes on June 9, 2023. Please notice that eligibility requests outside this time window will not be considered.

International candidate students must submit an application to EasyChair for eligibility assessment. Non-EU students requiring visa should also apply to Universitaly for pre-enrolment (see instructions) after they receive eligibility assessment results.

EasyChair application

To start the eligibility assessment procedure, candidate international students must use the following EasyChair link:

To submit the application for eligibility assessment, it is necessary to own a valid EasyChair account or to create one (it is free). The required documents for the application are:

  1. Filled and signed submission form*
  2. Passport*
  3. Transcripts*
  4. Final Diploma
  5. CV*
  6. Any other document (one single pdf)

(*) mandatory

The candidates are requested to fill the fields "Title" and "Keywords" with the following values:

Title: “Application of SURNAME, NAME”

Computer Science

Universitaly application

Candidate students requiring visa must apply to Universitaly after eligibility assessment, following the link:

The same documents uploaded to EasyChair must be uploaded to Universitaly. Please notice that students will receive the assessment results through Universitaly.

What happens next?

Candidate international students, that have received a positive eligibility evaluation, will receive instructions for proceeding with enrolment.

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