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The DIB Museum collection, which has been managed by Prof. Stefano Ferilli since 2016, is being catalogued and set up with pieces belonging to the Department itself and to private donators. Some items are still waiting to be placed, due to a lack of display cabinets and an appropriate room. The CISMUS has helped to ensure the carrying of bulky items, the DIB has provided the display cabinets and students/professors/private companies (Artificial Brain Srl) have helped to create the site dedicated to the collection.

The collection includes items, software and manuals of technical and historical importance, such as The Olivetti Programma 101 (considered the first example of a personal computer), the Rockwell AIM-65, the Apple II, the VAX Digital, PDP/8 and PDP/11, the Selenia GP-160 and an IBM 3090 mainframe.

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