Manuzio Laboratory

Student Use


The Manuzio Laboratory (LM) is a separate entity inside the Boole Lab on the 3rd floor of the dib. Its main function is to provide graduate students belonging to the dib with equipment for the writing, formatting and printing of their theses.


Students wishing to use the LM must have an access account, which may be requested by completing a form and sending it by personal email (preferably to the person in charge of the lab (whose name appears automatically on the form).




Students accessing the LM must leave an identity card with the security staff on the ground floor of the dib and fill in a register with SIGNATURE, SURNAME and NAME, MATRICULATION NUMBER, NUMBER of computer to be used and the time of ENTRY. Upon leaving the LM, students must sign out in the register with the time of EXIT and pick up their identity card.

The LM may be used for degree or diploma thesis preparation for maximum 30 days from the date indicated on the request. If the work has not been finished in that time, the student must make a further request,which will be duly examined by the President of the degree course concerned.


The number of students who may use the lab contemporaneously is 2. If a student leaves the lab for more than 15 minutes, he/she loses the right to continue working on the computer allotted (if there are other students waiting).

To prevent the spreading of viruses, before using personal floppy disks,usb pen-drives, cdroms or data saved from the Internet, the file state must be checked by the antivirus installed on the lab computers.


It is strictly forbidden to install software without pemission from the person in charge of the LM.

Students are required to erase from the HD data that are no longer needed and any software other than that originally provided, due to the limited capacity of the HDs.


Technical faults

In the case of technical faults in the equipment in the LM, the user must fill in a form, on this web site under the heading “forms”, and send it by e-mail to the person in charge of the Manuzio Laboratory, Sig. Pierluigi Eposito.



The individual users are considered personally responsible for the LM.

The LM is usually closed. It will be opened and closed upon request, during the times indicated below, by the appointed person at the porter's desk on the ground floor of the Department. The same student who requests the opening of the LM must go to the porter's desk to request the closure.

A student who requests the opening of the LM must complete the register at the porter's desk, indicating the time of entry and exit.

The presence of un-authorized people or anyone who is not registered is forbidden. The users of the LM are asked to inform the appointed person at the porter's desk if this occurs.


Staff in charge

For authorization requests and information students must contact the President of the relative degree course or Sig Luigi Esposito.



The LM may be used;

Monday to Friday 09.00 – 19.00



General Information about the LM


Hardware resources:


1 i5 2016 Server,

2 Pentium III Computers with Win2k Pro Operating Systems,

2 Hp Laser Printers, both connected to the Client in LAN,

1 Hp Laser Colour Printer on-line,

1 Epson InkJet Colour Printer, connected to the Server,

1 Epson A3 Scanner, connected to 1 of the 2 Clients.


Software resources:


Microsoft Office XP, Sophus Antivirus o AVG Antivirus

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