What is the DIB?

The “Dipartimento di Informatica Bari” (DIB), i.e. The Department of Computer Science, originally known as the Institute of Information Science, was born in 1984. It was founded by the same nucleus of professors and researchers from the areas of Electronics, Cybernetics and Informatics, who, in 1970, had already initiated a degree course (the second degree course activated in Italy only after Pisa in 1969) called the Degree Course in Information Science.


The goal of the applied research activities and the development and transfer of technologies in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bari is to support the transition process from today’s reality to a society based on Information and Communication.

The strategic moves in the brief to medium time-span aim to retrieve the efficiency and efficacy of the instruments used to support scientific research, by evaluating the results.

These moves are intended to reinforce basic and applied research in Computer Science and aim to stimulate the effect of such studies in re-qualifying businesses, fostering the application of the results in areas such as:

distributed informative system management for territorial monitoring,

applications software construction and maintenance via innovative technologies in software engineering, which are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses,

cooperative system development, aimed at electronic commerce, business intelligence and e-learning,

optimal communication network management through improvement in information access and knowledge discovery processes,

improvement in human-computer interaction.


The Department’s strategy is based on three principal axes:


advanced research for the study, development and application of new computer science methods and techniques,

technological transfer via projects for the development of external collaboration, in order to guarantee the continual flow of research results from the university towards the end-users and to allow the use of emerging technologies,

university education through courses for Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees and Doctorates, in order to ensure a suitable training for scholars and technicians to support technological development.

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