Admission procedures

Il Dipartimento è stato disattivato con D.R. n. 3403 del 22.09.2022

Tutte le attività didattiche, di ricerca e di terza missione proseguono regolarmente

nella disponibilità del Dipartimento di Scienze del Suolo, della Pianta e degli Alimenti (DISSPA)

The DiSAAT Department has been deactivated and all activities have been moved to the DiSSPA Department. THE phD COURSE, THEREFORE, CONTINUES ITS ACTIVITIES REGULARLY AT THE DISSPA Department.

The link to the new website is:


Admission requirements
Master's degree or second-level equivalent academic qualification obtained at a recognized national or international university is a mandatory title for the candidates to be admitted to the selection procedure. There are no limitations of age or citizenship for applying to this position.

Admission procedures
The selection is based on the candidates' qualifications and an oral examination. The knowledge of the English language is also verified. When applying, the candidate must attach a synthetic research project, in Italian or English, with a maximum length of 2500 words. The research project must be focused on the themes of the PhD course in "Sustainable Land Management" and will be discussed during the oral examination. The topics selected in the research project are not binding to identify the future research path that the selected candidates will develop during their PhD.

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