New call open positions PhD students at ENVIRONMENTAL LIFE SCIENCES

Il Dipartimento è stato disattivato con D.R. n. 3403 del 22.09.2022

Tutte le attività didattiche, di ricerca e di terza missione proseguono regolarmente

nella disponibilità del Dipartimento di Scienze del Suolo, della Pianta e degli Alimenti (DISSPA)

Programe jointly offered by the University of Trieste and University of Udine. The deadline for application is June 14th

We would like to bring your attention to the topic “Development of an integrated approach for the analysis and optmization of Green Infrastructures under a scenario of climate change”.

The research will focus on understanding, mapping and modelling Green Infrastructures (GI) in rural landscapes and mapping of its capacity to deliver ecosystem services. On the base of a spatial model of GI a quantitative approach will be developed to characterize GI components in terms of connectivity and ecological functionality by spatial GIS index and the alpha and beta components of diversity remotely evaluated. Methods to measure and map a set of ecosystem services will be developed considering different levels of ecological performance defined for the GI components (core GI and subsidiary GI network) and the current tools available (e.g. SENCE, InVEST, EcoServ-GIS, ESTIMAP). The research comprises conceptual work, field surveys, applied case studies and the development of methods. Experience with GIS, knowledge on remote sensing, ecosystem services, mapping techniques and biodiversity analysis are requested.

The deadline for application is June 14th.
More information on the available fellowhips and the related research topics can be found here .

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