Post Graduate Professional Development Course in "HUMAN NUTRITION"


Con D.R. n. 3436 del 30.09.2022 è stato costituito il Dipartimento di Bioscienze, Biotecnologie e Ambiente (DBBA). Contestualmente il Dipartimento di Biologia e il Dipartimento di Bioscienze, Biotecnologie e Biofarmaceutica sono cessati per confluire nella nuova struttura.


The course aims to provide the opportunity to acquire or deepen the knowledge of information, techniques and methodologies in the field of human nutrition, aimed at: i) acquire skills for correct evaluation of nutritional needs and energy; ii)develop personalized food plans or diets even in pathophysiological conditions; iii) determination of optimal diets for community or sporting groups; iv) management of nutrition education programs in the schools. The course is directed primarily to graduates in Biology, Sciences from Nutrition, Biotechnology, Medicine, Dietetics, which are well placed as professionals able to formulate personal and collective diets and to start food education programs, but also to graduates in Food technology, Pharmacy, Physical education and Sports, Training and education sciences, Psychology, Communication science, Veterinary, who may be interested in the various issues related to nutrition, proper nutrition or food quality. For those who have to take or have already taken the State Exam for the Biology profession, the course provides the skills, complementary to those provided by curriculum courses, which can put this professional figure on the conditions of starting a self-employment as Nutritionist.

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published on 17/11/2020 ultima modifica 15/09/2022