Housing for Erasmus incoming students

The University of Bari suggests the following accomodation solutions for all incoming students:

  • In private houses:   

Incoming students can contact:

Cerco Alloggio

ESN Bari - Bari (Erasmus Student Network)

E.S.E. - Erasmus Student Experience SnC


In private flats, prices range approximately from € 200/month to € 250/month for a double room, and from € 300/month to € 450/month for a single. Students have to provide sheets and towels on their own. However, students will have access to a kitchen that they can use and a bathroom to be shared with others. Payment of one or two months’ rent is generally required in advance and will be given back at the end of the student’s stay.

  • University Residence

CX - Bari

Visit (visit con link al sito cx-place.com) and join the largest university community in Italy! 

For more info  hello.bari@cx-place.com 

    Erasmus students can eat in our University Canteens, where each meal costs 3 euros, taking a card from ADISU (Via Giustino Fortunato, n. 4).  

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