Housing for Erasmus incoming students

For Accommodation solutions in Bari, you can visit :

  • University Residence

CX - Bari

We also remind you that CX BARI reserves special conditions for your stay during the admission test.

For guests there is a shuttle service for the faculties of the Aldo Moro.

Visit (visit con link al sito cx-place.com) and join the largest university community in Italy! 

For more info  hello.bari@cx-place.com 


  • In private houses:   

Incoming students, who cannot be accommodated in a University Residence or prefer other types of accommodation, can contact:

Cerco Alloggio

ESN Bari - Bari (Erasmus Student Network)

E.S.E. - Erasmus Student Experience SnC


In private flats, prices range approximately from € 150/month to € 200/month for a double room, and from € 250/month to € 400/month for a single. Students have to provide sheets and towels on their own. However, students will have access to a kitchen that they can use and a bathroom to be shared with others. Students are expected to pay the electricity, gas and telephone bills. Payment of one or two months’ rent is generally required in advance and will be given back at the end of the student’s stay.

Erasmus students can eat in our University Canteens, where each meal costs 3 euros, taking a card from ADISU (Via Giustino Fortunato, n. 4).  

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