Information for international students


They may be held in semesters or annually, depending on the Departments:
Six-month term:
–  1st semester:
From mid/last week of September to the end of February
–  2nd semester:
From mid/last week of February to the end of July.
Lectures usually finish before the end of the term to allow time for the exam period.
Exams are held on different dates during the academic year.
All lectures and exams are held in Italian. In some courses, Erasmus students may also agree with the lecturer an alternative readings list in English and may request to take exams in English.

Before taking your exams, you are asked to verify the correcting wording of the exams, the exact number of credits and the Degree Course in the Student Guide and/or the University you are attending. Make sure that on passing the exam, the examining professor fills out the form called “Modello 100” indicating the same wording of the subject and number of credits previously verified, with the seal of the department. If you take only one part of an exam (module, etc.), make sure the examining professor clearly specifies the number of credits. At some departments, it will be necessary to get your password on-line in order to be able to take your exams.
By doing so, it will be possible to issue the final certificate, at the end of your study period at this University. The final certificate will record your marks and credits that will be recognized by your University.

Credits indicate the workload required for a student with adequate initial preparation to acquire the knowledge and skills envisaged by the course syllabus.
One credit is usually the equivalent of 25 hours of study. These hours include both classroom activities (lectures, practice, seminars), individual study and other training activities like work placements, etc.
The average yearly workload required for a full-time student has been set to 60 credits. Credits are earned by passing the final examination or by successfully completing other forms of assessment. They do not replace grades.
Numerical Grade System (exams)

Italian Grades

ECTS Grades


30 – 30 cum laude


















Grade (degree)
The maximum final university degree grade is 110/110. Exceptional students may be awarded a degree grade of 110/110 cum laude.
Christmas: 2 weeks (December 23rd - January 7th)
Easter: 1 week  in April
Summer holidays:  25th July   - 31st August
Other holidays in Bari: April 25th – May 1st – May 8th   November 1st – December 8th

Emergency (118)
You can go, bringing with you European card or private health insurance, to:

- Ospedale San Paolo
- Ospedale Di Venere

Temporary doctor:
For the assignation of a doctor  you can go to the Offices (A.S.L.), bringing with you European card or private health insurance and identity document :
 A.S.L (via Crisanzio, 216 - Bari): if you live in the center of Bari (distretto 6)
A.S.L. (via Federico Vecchio, 3 - Bari): if you live close to “Policlinico” (distretto 7)
A.S.L. (Via Aquilino, 1 or Via Omodeo, 7 - Bari): if you live in “Iapigia” or “Madonnella” (distretto 8)
The Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro promotes the assistance and University integration of disabled students providing a series of initiatives to guarantee services and technical and didactical aids like the other students enrolled at the University of Bari, as listed below:
- a welcome room at our University, Ateneo, Piazza Umberto I, 1 Bari, called “Sala d’Accoglienza”;
- a laptop ( PC) to be used either at the university or at home;
- the assignment of a personal tutor;
- one Internet web-site:à/index.htm dedicated to the disabled students to get information about services;
- special learning aids such as: Braille translations, audio books, books in an electronic format;
- the creation of five “Teaching islands/internet points equipped with computer aids, for  deaf and blind and physically impaired at the Faculty of Economics, Campus, Ateneo - Umberto I, 1, Educational Science - Via De Rossi 23 and Faculty of Law – Taranto.
In addition, other services have been created:
- an urban transport between the student’s house and the Department where the student is enrolled;
- tutoring and assistance during lessons by senior students;
- interpreting for deaf-mutes, distance teaching.
For further information, please, contact:
Office for the disabled, Ateneo – Piazza Umberto I, 1 70121 Bari,
Monday – Friday 10.00 – 13.00 / T +39.0805714058/4360 - FAX: +39.0805714936
You may use the sports facilities of the University Sports Centre if you request enrolment to the Centre. CUS sees to the pertaining insurance coverage. To be enrolled you need the following documentation:
- a certificate released by the Erasmus Office;
- identity card or passport;
- one ID photo;
- a medical certificate declaring that you do not suffer from any illnesses that can endanger public health;
- an enrolment form with the fee of 10 euro.
Enrolment starts on 1st September and lasts till 31st   August of the following year. All the Erasmus enrolled students may practice the following sports activities:
indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, indoor sports facilities and skating rink, tennis court, football ground, basketball, athletics tracks and fields.
You are entitled to use locker rooms and showers, as well as bathroom. CUS organises inter-faculty tournaments in: athletics, football, swimming, basketball and tennis. The best students who distinguish themselves in one of the sport activities can participate in the competitions organised by C.O.N.I
Finally, CUS organises courses of: fitness (1st September – 30th June), swimming for the duration of three months (1st October – 30th June), body-building, aerobics, toning gymnastics and personal training.
For further information, please, contact: The Registrar’s Office C.U.S., Lungomare Starita 1/A – B; Reception telephone number: +39.0805341779 fax number: +39.0805344865 Monday - Friday, 9.15 – 13.00, 15.00 – 20.00, Saturday 9.15 – 13.00,
The University Centre for Theatre, visual Arts, Music and Cinema has the following purposes:
- development of studies and research, in the field of the visual arts, music, theatre and cinema;
- realisation/the purchasing of scientific books and laboratories;
- promotion and the organization of meetings, conferences, performances and documentary, artistic and bibliographic shows, workshop and exchange experience even if abroad.
For further information, please, contact: CUTAMC, Via San Giacomo, telephone number:+39.0805243270/3273, fax number: +39.0805243282                      
  • HARMONIA (University choir and Orchestra) 
Harmonia is an association  which includes the Choir and Orchestra of the University. The main aim of the association is to promote musical and choral activity among university students and young people. The association coordinates the activity of the Polyphonic Chorus. Harmonia organises courses of solfeggio, oboe, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, horn, singing, music laboratory, composition, improvisation, participating at national and international events.
For further information, please, contact: Harmonia, Via San Giacomo, telephone number:+39.0805243270/3273, fax number: +39.0805243282                      
The service has been created by the Department of Psychology  for university students with psychological problems. Students can participate in individual conversations (five per week) and workshops (once per month) with a staff of experts and psychologists.
For further information, please, contact: Registrar’s Office, Ateneo – Piazza Umberto I, 1 70121 Bari,   fax number:+39.0805561228                  
The centre has been created to help students solve their difficulties in the relationship with the other students and with administrative staff of the university. This centre is connected with the Psychological counselling service and the Authority guarantees for students.
For further information, please, contact: Counselling centre, Ateneo Tuesday and Thursday 11.00 – 13, Via G. Petroni 15/ F (7th floor), free phone number: 800.354644, fax number:+39.0805714897             
The University Chapel is located in the court of the Ateneo. It is open to all students and staff. It offers debates about religious themes, celebrations of Mass (from Monday to Friday 8.00 and 12.30). Jesuit priests are in the Chapel during the week except Saturday.
For further information, please, contact: Jesuit Friars’ Community, Piazza Armando Diaz, 11 – 70121 Bari telephone number: +39.0805559434 telefax number: +39.0805524381 e-mail:; web-site: 


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