Gabriele TEDESCHI is Professor at the University of Bari. First, he was Professor at the University Jaume I, Spain and researcher at the Faculty of Economics of the Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) since 2008. He is member of CNR (Istituto dei sistemi complessi) and involved in different European projects dealing with complexity-oriented approaches to economic problems and phenomena. He holds a Laurea Degree in Economics at the Bocconi University and a Doctoral degree in Economics at the UNIVPM in 2004 and 2008, respectively. From 2005 to 2007 he was visiting student at the Birkbeck University and at the City University of London, where he has taught Domestic and International Finance. As researcher, he is involved in several European projects: EURACE (2008-2009) for the development of an agent-based simulator of the European economy, FINNOV (2009-2012) for the management, organization and financing of IT, CRISIS (2012-15) for the forecasting of financial crises and Systemic instabilities. Since 2008, he is visiting researcher at the ETH of Zurich, collaborating with Prof. D. Helbing and at the City University of London, working with Prof. G. Iori. His main research interests regard both theoretical and empirical issues. He adopts and advocates the agent-based approach and network theory to the modeling and simulation of economic and financial systems in order to investigate the impact of agents' interaction on the aggregate economic outcomes, on the systemic risk and the boom-bust cycles. Gabriele Tedeschi has published numerous scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals as the J. of Economic Behaviour & Organization, Industrial & Corporate Change, Applied Economics and Eur.Physical Journal B. He participated by invitation at many international scientific symposia. He organized three international workshops: ESHIA/WEHIA (2011-2016) and NESS(2012). He has been guest editor of several special issues of the J. of Economic Interaction and Coordination.

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