Prof. Gaetano Scamarcio (Sep 2022)

ORCID: 0000-0003-0808-4336



Scamarcio’s scientific excursus is characterized by the proven ability to explore the physical limits of relevant phenomena towards their applications, by contributing to a variety of topics such as: light-matter interaction in layered crystals, semiconductor quantum heterostructures and optoelectronic devices; design and fabrication of quantum cascade lasers and their applications; design and fabrication of thin film transistors for molecular sensing. This evolution stems from a solid background in solid-state physics, spectroscopy and photonics developed in the course of the degree and the PhD courses in physics, under the supervision of Prof. Aldo Cingolani.

His capability of focusing on state-of-the-art physical problems in the exploding field of quantum heterostructures and their peculiar structural and vibrational properties, as  manifested in Raman and infrared spectroscopies, was further refined during a post-doc at the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Physics, Stuttgart, one of the leading labs in the field, under the supervision of Prof. Manuel Cardona and Klaus Ploog. During a post-doc stage at the Walter-Schottky-Institute, Munich, on the micro-probe Raman spectroscopy, under the supervision of Prof. Gerhard Abstreiter, posed the bases for the development of an innovative technique for the investigation of optoelectronic devices in-operando, that allowed to experimentally assess fundamental properties and to discover unexpected out-of-equlibrium intersubband electronic and phononic populations in quantum structures and devices.

While already permanent researcher at the University of Bari, he wanted to have a strong international experience at the frontier of quantum device physics and thanks to his strong competences in 1994 he managed to be hired for a 2-years sabbatical at Bell Laboratories of AT&T (later Lucent Technologies), in their world-renowned site of Murray Hill (NJ-USA), in the group of Prof. Federico Capasso. His main achievement was the invention and patenting of the superlattice scheme of quantum cascade lasers, which paved the way to the increase of the emitted power of these unique mid-infrared sources by more than two orders of magnitude, in the Watt-level, which has been a milestone prerequisite for a subsequent plethora of applications. [G. Scamarcio et al., Science 276, 773-776 (1997), US Patent 5,936,989].

Back to Italy, he decided to invest his scientific and technological experience also in favor of the creation and management of a public-private network among universities, public research entities, large and medium enterprises, focusing on research and development or technological transfer in the field of mechatronics, which is the leading industrial sector in the area of Bari. Eventually, this effort leaded to the creation of the technological cluster on mechatronics (MEDIS in 2007. At the same time, he focused his research activity on the study of self-mixing phenomena in semiconductor and quantum cascade lasers for metrological applications and real-time monitoring of laser material processing, quartz-enhanced mid-IR and terahertz photoacoustic sensors, ultra-sensitive chemical sensors based on thin film transistors.

Lately, he engaged in a new challenge by contributing to the creation of a multidisciplinary team developing sensors based on electrolyte-gated organic field effect transistors and studying the collective effects underlying their extreme capability to detect zepto-molar bio-marker concentrations equivalent to single molecule sensing, with mm-sized devices [Nature Communications 9, 3223, (2018), International patent applications PCT/IB2019/061345, PCT/IB2018/050491, PCT/IB2018/053611, PCT/IB2017/058065].



Gaetano Scamarcio has authored > 300 ISI papers, including papers published in Science, Nature Communications, PNAS, Advanced Functional Materials, Chemical Review and is co-inventor of 10 international patents. His works gathered about > 7300 Google scholar citations resulting in an h-index of 47 (SCOPUS h-index: 43).



MAJOR SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS (with collaborators & co-workers)

- Single-molecule detection with a millimetre-sized transistor, Nature Communications, 9, 3223, (2018).

Large-Area Interfaces for Single-Molecule Label-free Bioelectronic Detection, Chemical Review (2022) 

- Mapping propagation of collective modes in 2D topological insulators by near-field Terahertz nanoscopy, Nature Communications (2021) 12:6672,

- Photo-generated metamaterials induce modulation of CW terahertz quantum cascade lasers, Scientific Reports 5, 16207 (2015).*

- Imaging of free carriers in semiconductors via optical feedback in terahertz quantum cascade lasers, Applied Physics Letters 104, 041112 (2014).*

- Demonstration of terahertz (quartz enhanced) photo-acoustic trace gas sensors, Applied Physics Letters 103, 021105 (2013).*

- Interfacial electronic effects in functional biolayers integrated into organic field-effect transistors, PNAS 109, 6429 (2012).

- High-resolution real-time monitoring of laser ablation by laser self-mixing interferometry, Optics Letters 36, 822 (2011).*

- Measurement of subband electronic temperatures in THz quantum-cascade lasers developing a method based on micro-probe optical luminescence, Applied Physics Letters 86, 111115 (2005).*

- Invention of superlattice quantum cascade laser, Science 276, 773 (1997).*

- Demonstration of the size dependence of electron-LO-phonon coupling and lattice contraction in semiconductor nanocrystals, Physical Review B (1996, 1992).*

- Optical phonons in the limit of ultrathin-layer superlattices measured by micro-probe Raman spectroscopy and infrared reflectivity, Physical Review B (1993, 1991).*

- Assessment of LO phonon frequency in GaN, Solid State Communications 58, 823 (1986).

* G. Scamarcio first and/or senior author



- F. Torricelli, L. Torsi, G. Scamarcio, Z. M. Kovács-Vajna, A clustered FET biosensor system for biological assay, PCT/IB2019/061345.

- L. Torsi, G. Scamarcio, E. Macchia, K. Manoli, G. Palazzo, N. Cioffi, R. Picca, A field effect transistor sensor and a corresponding array device, PCT International Application PCT/IB2018/050491.

- L. Torsi, G. Palazzo, G. Scamarcio, A field-effect transistor sensor, PCT/IB2018/053611.

- L. Torsi, G. Palazzo, G. Scamarcio, A method of functionalization of a gate electrode of a field-effect transistor sensor, PCT/IB2017/058065.

- Luisa Torsi, Gerardo Palazzo, Nicola Cioffi, Maria Daniela Angione, Maria Magliulo, Serafina Cotrone, Gaetano Scamarcio, Luigia Sabbatini, Antonia Malllardi, Method to realize electronic field-effect transistor sensors, US, Application number 14/355,100 (2011).

- Maurizio Dabbicco, Gaetano Scamarcio, Simona Ottonelli, Angela Intermite, Branimir Radisavljevic, System for optical fiber strain measure, US, Patent number 8234081, Application number 12/563,920 (2012).

- Federico Capasso, Alfred Yi Cho, Albert Lee Hutchinson, Gaetano Scamarcio, Deborah Lee Sivco, Mariano Troccoli, Quantum cascade laser with relaxation-stabilized injection, US, patent number 6690699 (2004).

- Federico Capasso, Alfred Yi Cho, Jerome Faist, Albert Lee Hutchinson, Gaetano Scamarcio, Carlo Sirtori, Deborah Lee Sivco, , Deborah Lee Sivco, Quantum cascade laser, US, Patent number 5936989, Application number, 08/841,059, (1999).

- Federico Capasso, Alfred Yi Cho, Jerome Faist, Albert Lee Hutchinson, Gaetano Scamarcio, Carlo Sirtori, Deborah Lee Sivco, , Deborah Lee Sivco, Article comprising a unipolar super-lattice laser, US, Patent number 5745516, Application number 08/744,292 (1998).



1989      PhD in Physics / Department of Physics / University of Bari, Italy

1985      Laurea Degree (Master) in Physics cum laude / Department of Physics / University of Bari, Italy



2002 -                  Full professor of Experimental Physics / Department of Physics / University of Bari

1999 – 2002       Associate professor of Physics / Department of Physics / University of Bari

1991 – 1999       Assistant professor of Physics / Department of Physics / University of Bari



2006 Jun-Jul       Visiting professor / Dept. of Physics / University Denis Diderot, Paris 7, France

2000 Jul-Aug      Consultant for Bell Laboratories Lucent Technologies / Murray Hill – NJ, USA

1994 – 1996       Consultant for Bell Laboratories Lucent Technologies / Murray Hill – NJ, USA

1994 – 1995       Ambassadorial fellowship of the International Rotary Foundation

1995 - 1996        NATO-CNR Advanced Fellowship

1992 Feb-Mar    Visiting scientist / Walter-Schottky-Institut, München, Germany

1989 – 1991       Post-doc researcher / Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Physics, Stuttgart, Germany

1989                     Premio di Operosità Scientifica – Award of the Italian Physical Society

1985                     Firestone Prize



2018      co-chair of the International Workshop on “Frontiers of photonics, plasmonics and electronics with 2D nanosystems”, Erice, Italy (on July 2018)

2016      co-chair of the International Workshop on "Terahertz Science, Nanotechnologies and Ap-plications",  Erice, Italy

2014      chair of the Applied Physics Section of the 100th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society

2011      co-chair of 11th International Conference on Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells

2006      co-chair of the 2nd International Workshop on Quantum Cascade Lasers

2002      director of the International School of INFM "Progress in laser sources and photonic de-vices"



2012 –   Principal Investigator (PI), Strategic Lab “Development and characterization of electronic and        optoelectronic devices based on quantum technologies” in the framework of the National Structural            Reinforcement Project PON “Lab SISTEMA”, 1.2 M€.

2010-15 PI and responsible of the principal actuator MEDIS – Technological District on Mechatronics, national project MIUR-PON02 “Mechatronic security system for applications to railways, aero-space and robotics - MASSIME”, 14.2 M€.

2010-15 PI and responsible of the principal actuator MEDIS, national project MIUR-PON02 “Mini-invasive               systems for advanced diagnosis and radio-therapy - AMIDERHA”, 13.3 M€.

2010-15 PI and responsible of the principal actuator MEDIS, national project MIUR-PON02 “Innovative        technologies for the reduction of emission, fuel consumption and cost of heavy-duty engines - INNOVHEAD”, 6.2 M€.

2009–13 PI, MEF-MIUR-Apulia Region strategic project PS_046 “Study and development of innovative polymeric materials for applications to corneal laser surgery”, 1.1 M€.

2009-11 PI, MEF-MIUR-Apulia Region APQ for the Mechatronic District MEDIS - DM01 “Sensors and laser             micro-machining for automotive and manufacturing applications”, 1.5 M€.

2006–07 PI, industrial grant funded by Sintesi Scpa on the “Development of an opto-electronic sensor based on the self-mixing effect”, 300 k€.

2004-07 PI of the CNR-INFM partner of the national project D.L. 297/99 FIBLAS “Development and                applications of fiber optic lasers”, 1.2 M€.

2004-06 PI of the CNR-INFM partner of the European, 6FP-STRP “Artificial Nanomaterials for Short                Wavelength Emission in the infra-Red” (ANSWER), 124 k€.

2003-04 PI of the national project MIUR-FIRB “Theoretical and experimental study of quantum cascade               lasers”, 300 k€.

2003-04 PI, WP 61 “Quantum cascade laser material growth and sample preparation”, European project “Far-IR generation”, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC).

2003-04 PI, WP 420 “Characterization and testing” of the European project “Integrated-Optics Laser Gyro          Technologies”, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC).

2000-03 PI, WP 5BW2, “Quantum cascade lasers for trace gas monitoring” of the national project cluster 26            “Innovative Materials”, MURST-INFM 0.8 M€.

1998-01 PI, INFM national Advanced Research Project PRA98-SUPERLAS “Long wavelength superlattice infrared lasers”, 0.5 M€.

1997-98 PI, CNR integrated project “Laser emission in the mid-IR in transition metal doped semi-conductors” 120 k€.

The total budget awarded to prof. Scamarcio and to the consortia he has coordinated is over 40 M€.



2010-18               Head of the PhD School in Physics, University of Bari

2011-14               President of the Apulian Technological District on Mechatronics, MEDIS

2012-14               Member of the administrative board of the Italian National Technological Cluster “Fabbrica        Intelligente”

2007-11               Member of the administrative board of the Apulian Technological District on Mechatronics,              MEDIS  

2004-08               Member of the Scientific Board of Tecnopolis CSATA

2002-05               Member of the Scientific Board of Centro Laser s.c.r.l.



2020                    Member of the Board of Experts for the National Research Program (PNR 2021-2027)

2009-19               Evaluation Panel member / European Commission – FET-Open projects.

2014-16               Evaluation Panel member / European Commission – H2020 - INFRAIA projects

2010-14               Evaluation Panel member / Agence Nationale de la Recherche

2006                     Evaluation Panel member / Science Foundation of Ireland

2005-                   Evaluation expert / Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR) and Italian Ministry of productive              activities (MAP, MEF).

2005-19               Responsible of the local unit of the CNR-Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies,                                  formerly director of the INFM-Regional Lab “Laser Innovation Technology Transfer and Training”



(Overall more than 80 invitations to give lectures worldwide)

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