Name: Angelo QUARANTA


Business address:

Department of Veterinary Medicine

University of Bari Aldo Moro – Italy








1986                                        Degree in Veterinary Medicine “summa cum laude”

University of Bari - Italy                                               


1987-1988                               Veterinary Officer of the Italian Military Veterinary Corps


2010-present                            Captain of the Italian Medical Corps







2018-present                            Full Professor of Veterinary Physiology


2001-2018                            Associate Professor of Veterinary Physiology

University of Bari - Department of Veterinary Medicine


1991-2001                               Researcher of Domestic Animal Physiology

University of Bari - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

                                               Department of General and Environmental Physiology


1999-present                            Member of Board of PhD:

                                               Infectious Diseases of carnivorous

                                               Human and animal reproductive biology

Animal Health and Zoonosis

University of Bari


2004-present                            Principal applicant of the research project

University of Bari

2008-2012                               Department Head Assistant


2011-2014                               President of the Committee on Animal Research and Ethics

                                               University of Bari


2014-present                            President of Animal Welfare Body

                                               University of Bari


2019-2022                               President of Quality Assurance Committee

                                               University of Bari


2012-present                            Head of the Section of “Animal Physiology and Behavior”,                                                                     Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Bari


2016                                        Director of Post-graduate course “Veterinary Bioethics”, University of Bari






1986-present                            Member of Veterinary Medicine College of Bari


2004                                        Waltham Foundation Grant

(project title “Behavioural assessment of canine laterality and its relationship with immune function”)


2005                                        Board of  Experts of the CIVR (Committee for Research Evaluation) - MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research)


2006                                        PhD Examiner

University of New England, Armidale - Australia


2011                                        PhD Examiner

University of Adelaide - Australia


2007-2013                               Review in “Nature”, "Scientific American", “Faculty of 1000”, “Science”


2007                                        Documentary participation in "Dog Genius", National Geographic TV


2007-2008                               Cited in “New York Times”, “Daily Telegraph”, “Herald Tribune”, “Discovery Channel”, “CBS News”, etc.


2008-present                            Referee Board Member of MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research)


2003-present                            Teacher at several meetings for ECM (Italian Committee Credits)


2009                                        C.R.P. Foundation Grant

                                                   (Project title “Cetacea”)


2010                                        Waltham Foundation Grant

                                                   (Project title “The asymmetrical mind of the dog: Behavioural lateralization in animal welfare”)


2010                                        Royal Canin Italia

                                               (Project title "Nostril preference in Food preference ")


2009                                        Royal Canin Italia

                                               (Project title "Sniffing behavior of dogs")


2000-present                            Peer-reviewer for the Journals:

Animal Behaviour, Animal Cognition, Neuroscience, Behavioural Processes, Laterality, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, International Blood Research & Reviews, Environmental Sciences Europe, Peer J, PLos ONE, Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (JVSAH), Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, Animal Reproduction Science, Veterinary Medicine International, Reproduction in Domestic Animals, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, BMC Veterinary Research, Scientific Reports, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Sensors, Translational Psychiatry, Veterinary Sciences



2018-present                            Guest Editor:

                                               - Symmetry, Special Issue "Brain Functional Lateralization in Animals"

                                               - Animals, Special Issue “Advanced Research in animal Communication”


2013-present                            Editor-in-Chief:

- International Journal of Neuroscience and Behavioral Science


2013-present                            Editorial Board:

                                      - Symmetry, section Biology and Symmetry

                                      - Dog Behavior

                                               - The Open Access Journal of Science and Technology

                                               - Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Health (JVSAH)

                                      - International Journal of Veterinary Health Science & Research (IJVHSR)


2000-present                            Honorary Member of ASETRA (Italian Association of Veterinary Behaviorist)


2010-present                            Veterinary Behaviorist (FNOVI - Ministry of Health, Italy)


2017-present                            Veterinary Certified Expert in AAI (Animal Assisted Interventions)





Scientific Award "Domenico Ridola", Novaurora, Matera (2019).


Review in “Nature” (2007): John Whitfield - 'Here boy' makes dogs wag to the right. Direction of tail wagging highlights different tasks of brain halves.


Participation in the documentary "Dog Genius", National Geographic TV (2007) - Isham Randolph, Coordinating Producer, National Geographic Television, Washington, DC 20036.


Review in "Faculty of 1000" (2007): Peter F. MacNeilage: Faculty of 1000 Biology, 4 Apr 2007


Review in "Faculty of 1000" (2008): MacNeilage P: F1000 Prime Recommendation of [Siniscalchi M et al., PLoS ONE 2008, 3(10):e3349]. Faculty of 1000, 09 Dec 2008; DOI:10.3410/f.1128834.585919.


Review in “Science” (2013):


Review in "Scientific American" (2015): Julie Hecht. What You Don't Know About Your Dog's Nostrils. Published online | Scientific American | -spies/what-you-don-t-know-about-your-do g-s-nostrils/.


2 letters of commendation from the Dean of University of Bari (2007).






159 research papers concerning:

Animal Behavior

Animal Physiology, Endocrinology and Reproduction


Peer-reviewed papers on International Journals (IF): 62

Peer-reviewed papers on National Journals: 26

Conferences: 61

Chapter on books: 5

Monograph: 1

Book Translate: 1

Other: 3


Articles have been cited 1704 times, h-index 23 (, March 2023).

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