Raffaele Lafortezza

Telefono:         +390805443438 interno 3438
Fax:                 N/D
Dipartimento:  Dipartimento di Scienze agro-ambientali e territoriali
Email:             raffaele.lafortezza@uniba.it
Settore disciplinare:  AGR/05

Prof. Raffaele Lafortezza, PhD

Associate Professor

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.it/citations?user=lhwizP8AAAAJ&hl=it

Recent publications:

Su Y., Chen X, Liu L., Ciais P., Peng J., Wu S., Wu J., Shang J., Wang Y., Yuan W., Zhou G., Lafortezza R., 2021. Aerodynamic resistance and Bowen ratio explain the diverse biophysical effects of forests on local air and soil temperatures. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 3008-309: 10861

Davies C., Chen. W.Y., Sanesi G., Lafortezza R., 2021. The European Union roadmap for implementing nature-based solutions: A review.  Environmental Science and Policy, 121: 49-6

Giannico V., Spano G., Elia M., D’Este M., Sanesi G., Lafortezza R., 2021. Green spaces, quality of life, and citizen perception in European cities, Environmental Research, 196, 11092

Li, X., Chen, W.Y., Cho, F.H.T., Lafortezza R., 2021. Bringing the vertical dimension into a planar multilevel autoregressive model: A city-level hedonic analysis of homebuyers' utilities and urban river attributes. Science of the Total Environment, 772: 14554

Su, Y., Wang, Y., Zheng, B., Ciais, P., Wu, J., Chen, X., Wang, Y., Wang, C., Ye, Y., Li, Q., Zhang, C., Zhang, H., Huang, G., Huang, N., Lafortezza, R., 2020. Retrospect driving forces and forecasting reduction potentials of energy-related industrial carbon emissions from China's manufacturing at city level. Environmental Research Letters, 15(7): 074020; doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/ab858b

Su Y., Liu L., Liao J., Wu J., Ciais P., Liao J., He X., Liu X., Chen X., Yuan W., Zhou G., Lafortezza R., 2020. Phenology acts as a primary control of urban vegetation cooling and warming: A synthetic analysis of global site observation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 280, 107765 (5-years I.F.=5.317

Lafortezza R. and Sanesi G., 2019. Nature-based solutions: settling the issue of sustainable urbanization. Environmental Research, 172: 394-398 

Lafortezza R., Giannico V., 2019. Combining high-resolution images and LiDAR data to model ecosystem services perception in compact urban systems. Ecological Indicators, 96: 87-98 

Lafortezza R., Chen. J., Konijnendijk C., Randrup T., 2018. Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for Resilient Landscapes and Cities. Environmental Research, 165: 431-441 

Lafortezza R., Konijnendijk C., 2018. Green infrastructure – approach and public health benefits. In: Bird W, van den Bosch M (eds.) Nature and Public Health: The Role of Nature in Improving the Health of a Population, Oxford University Press. pp. 252-25

Davies C. and Lafortezza R.*, 2017. Urban green infrastructure in Europe: Is greenspace planning and policy compliant? Land Use Policy, 69: 93-101 

Kabisch N., van den Bosch M., Lafortezza R., 2017. The health benefits of nature-based solutions to urbanization challenges for children and the elderly – A systematic review. Environmental Research, 159: 249-256 




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