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My research deals with consumer behavior and is based on both qualitative and quantitative methods. In particular, most of my studies include experiments with the aim to underline cause-effect relationships between communication stimuli and consumers’ behaviors/attitudes. Most of my ongoing research investigates when, how and why marketing stimuli may lead to more sustainable (pro-social, pro-environmental) behavior. More specifically, many current studies I am working on focuses on luxury and sustainability, with the aim to understand how luxury brands may leverage on sustainability to increase consumers’ positive attitudes towards their products. Other studies investigate sustainability in the tourism sector. One of my main research topics is fashion and luxury consumption with a focus on the psychological mechanisms underlying consumers’ purchases. Other current research projects regard the role of (positive and negative) emotions and the antecedents of WOM and eWOM. I have already published several academic papers on older consumers, more specifically on the role of their feel age and the related effects on their self-esteem and their consumption interests. I am currently working on other projects on the same topic but extended to the role of psychological age in sustainable development among older people. Other studies are related to print advertising, luxury branding, destination branding personality, retailing and customer experience, social media and online reviews, the role of the Country-of-Origin, the use of the type of language (abstract vs. concrete) in communication and Corporate Social Responsibility from the consumers’ point of view. New research projects are going to investigate the role of beauty in sustainable development and are going to involve neuroscience methodologies.


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