SPYWATCH - Summer School "PhYsiology and Biophysics of Water and Ion Channels"

Cohesion Action Plan for higher education and sustainable development through enforcement of innovative courses offered by Apulian Universities C (2016)1417 - 3.03.2016.
Action Plan: Promotion of Summer Schools offered by Apulian Universities
Summer School in PhYsiology and Biophysics of Water and Ion Channels (SPYWWATCH)
CUP n. H91I17000070009
PROMOTER: Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro
Partner: MASMEC S.p.A.



Application deadline: April 27 th 2018.         

Dipartimento di Bioscienze, Biotechnologie e Biofarmaceutica
Partner: MASMEC Spa

Academic Year: 2017/2018

Training credits: 4 CFU Language: English
Maximum number of participants:  30 
Fee: free of charge - Costs of the SPYWWATCH are financed by Cohesion Action Plan funds -agreed with the European Commission and managed by Apulia Region- and by MASMEC S.p.A.  


Participants are required to pay for the registration fee (stamp duty  16,00) and the insurance  contribution of € 4.13 ( € 20,13 in total).


The “Summer School in PhYsiology and Biophysics of WATer and Ion CHannels” SPYWATCH- 1st Edition  will be held  from 18-22 June 2018. The objective of the Course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on latest generation biophysics techniques, useful in the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying water and ion channel physiology and physiopathology. These objectives  will be achieved through numerous activities both in the classroom and the laboratory.

SPYWATCH will be open to 30 students with scientific training including, graduates, PhD students and post-docs interested in the biophysics of channel proteins. 

SPYWATCH - Summer School "PhYsiology and Biophysics of Water and Ion Channels"