3 ottobre 2023 - B2 preparation course preliminary meeting

  1. Any 3rd year physics or materials science undergraduate or master's degree  students  interested in following an extracurricular course to help with preparation for a B2 certificate exam   (FCE or Linguaskill) are invited to  a meeting in classroom C of the physics department at 14.00 on Tuesday  3rd October. 
  2.  If any one is seriously  interested in preparing for the Ielts exam aiming for a C1 level, they  are also invited to come to the meeting. (N.B., the C1 course will only start if there are a sufficient number of students interested and a suitable time can be found).

Any student who can't come to the meetings but is interested in joining one of these classes should contact me directly. The B2 class will begin on 4th October.

Carmela White

published on 26/09/2023 ultima modifica 07/03/2024

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