Activity and Target

Who is CAP:

The University of Bari Centre for Long-Life learning aims to:

  • promote processes of life-long learning;
  • to certificate the competences that everyone obtains in formal, informal and non-formal contexts.

Our mission is to empower the “cultural values” as important and strategic resources for humanity.

Here you find C.A.P. Company Profile


The service of CAP is addressed to all European and non-European citizens.



  • Judicial inquiries and legal advices to request equivalent documents of previous studies career.
  • Evaluation of the professional and not-professional experiences by recovering all professional and personal skills acquired “on the job”. After this, it will be possible to start the procedures to recognize the professional skills as decided by the “professional inventory” edited by the Apulia Region ( ).
  • “Translation” of all skills in professional ones and/or in CFU credits useful to start a new university career in the University of Bari.
  • Certification of soft skills.

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