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The Brain Imaging, Networks, and Data mining lab (BIND) in the Group of Psychiatric Neuroscience at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy) aims to discover the biological sources of differences between individuals that make them at risk of - or resilient to -psychiatric disorders. We investigate the association of genetic variability with brain phenotypes, with a focus on cognition and schizophrenia (for recent articles from the lab, see [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]).

We are about to open several calls to work on projects led by different PIs:

  1. Research Associate: structural/functional MRI integration. Master’s Degree and coding experience (especially Matlab, Unix, and/or Python) is required. Italian proficiency C1 required. French proficiency is a plus because the scholarship foresees a 3-month stay in Toulouse, France. The official call will be out in July. PI: Pergola. Write to: +

  2. Research Associate: fMRI. Master’s Degree and experience with fMRI analyses are required. The official call will be out in July. PIs: Bertolino/Pergola. Write to: +

  3. Research Associate: MEG in patients with depression. Master’s Degree and experience with human electrophysiology are required. The official call will be out in July. PI: Blasi. Write to: +

  4. Research Associate: disease modeling with stem cells. Master’s degree and experience with stem cell cultures are required. PI: Rampino. Write to: +

  5. PhD student in Applied Neuroscience: functional genomics. Master’s degree required. Coding in R/Python and experience with RNA sequencing and/or genetic data are a plus. PI: Pergola. Write to: +

  6. PhD student in Applied Neuroscience: cognitive psychology. Master’s degree in Psychology required. Experience with neuropsychological testing and/or electroencephalography is a plus. PI: Taurisano. Write to:

  7. PhD student in Artificial Intelligence for Health: data science. Master’s degree required. Coding skills in any language are required. Knowledge of computational biology or human neurophysiology or clinical psychology are a plus. PI: Pergola. Write to: +

Successful candidates are motivated and research-oriented scientists. It is essential to have a team- working attitude and motivation to fit into the group. Proficiency in Italian is only required when specified. The expected starting dates are October-December 2022.

We are looking for colleagues driven by the desire to understand the human brain and mind down to molecules so that we can generate actionable plans to empower young individuals, improve mental health prospects, and identify novel treatments.

The University of Bari Aldo Moro is one of the largest Italian universities (50.000 students, 1500 permanent professors and researchers, 1500 technicians, and administrative staff). Bari is a sunny city located by the sea and the third largest Italian city south of Rome. The cost of living is very low relative to Italian standards, so the salaries for these positions guarantee a good quality of life. The group includes psychologists, biotechnologists, MDs, and is international oriented, with Marie Curie and Seal of Excellence awardees Dr. Pergola, Dr. Antonucci, Dr. Valt, and several other members trained for > one year in the UK, USA, and Germany, besides natives of Germany and the USA.

Please get in touch with the addressees indicated in each position if you would like more information on the ongoing projects. If you wish to apply for a position, please indicate the reference number of the position(s) you are interested in and send a CV and the name of two references.



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