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Admission for Incoming Erasmus students

In  order to be admitted, incoming  students  have to apply at the link below, filling in both the application form and the learning agreement in full:


June 30thFall Semester and Whole Academic Year
November 30thSpring Semester

After the online application, students are asked to sendby email :

  • Application form (printed out after the online application)
  • Learning agreement: printed and signed by the student and signed and stamped by the person in charge at the home institution. 
  • Transcript of Records, certifying all the exams passed at the Home University
  • An official document issued, signed and stamped by the Home University, certifying that students have been awarded an Erasmus+ grant to study at the University of Bari and the duration and dates of the study grant.
  • Copy of ID or Passport 
  • Copy of E-111/International Card for health insurance or private health insurance

All the above mentioned documents have to be sent to:

Please note:

-      The application form and the learning agreement will be accepted ONLY if the original documents are typewritten and signed and stamped by the academic Coordinator of the Home University.

 -      Learning Agreement, signed by Italian Coordinator, will be sent back to the Home University, by email, before the students arrival or as soon as they have been enrolled at the Erasmus Office in Bari.

-      The official acceptance letter will be sent to the students ONLY after reception of the application documents duly signed and stamped.


For further information, please contact: +39 0805714978


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Orari di ricevimento
A causa delle limitazioni dettate dall'epidemia Covid-19, il ricevimento si svolge sulla piattaforma Teams, previo appuntamento agli indirizzi indicati - Contatti ufficio Erasmus.

In this period of Covid-19 restrictions, students reception in presence is not permitted. You can book an appoitment on teams by writing an e-mail to the indicated addresses - Erasmus Office