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Guide to online registration

The Guide contains information on how to register on line.
Due to frequent procedural updates some screens may differ significantly from those actually available.
To enrol connect to student portal  www.uniba.it/esse3 and click on "Login".

Insert "nome utente" and "password" into window called "Autenticazione richiesta"
Remember to respect upper/lower case characters: type "nome utente" in lower case and with no spaces and the password.
Watch out for any similar-looking characters such as the O (capital O) and the 0 (zero).
Click on OK.


After accessing your personal page click on "Segreteria"
Then on  "Iscrizione a.a. 20==/20==".



Select your "Stato occupazionale" and click on Invia i dati.
Information relating to employment status is used by the University Education Minstry for statistical surveys.


Complete the part concerning "Autocertificazione".


If you intend to declare your financial data then visualize a screen under the voice ISEE (Indicatore di Situazione Economica Equivalente)
Consult the Fee Regulations  e insert the ISEE data (Indicatore di Situazione Economica Equivalente).
PLEASE NOTE:  as well as inserting the I.S.E.E. data at the time you register/matriculate, this same data must be sent telematically from a CAF office with our University convention.
The student has until  31.01.2013 to visit such a recognised  (such a recognised CAF office - if he/she hasn't already enrolled/registered - for purposes of the telematic I.S.E.E. communication).

The second installment will be calculated on the basis of the I.S.E.E. data entered by the student and what has been transmitted by the CAF office.
If no I.S.E.E. is sent then the second installment will be calculated at a top rate for fee/tax purposes.
Click on "Conferma".


To pay the first instalment click on "Pagamenti" to view the fees to pay.
Click on the number on the left i.e. "Fattura" corresponding to first instalment.

 Click on the number = "Fattura" and print the MAV for payment.
PLEASE NOTE:  the first MAV instalment includes the regional tax (A.Di.S.U. di 140,00 €). Post bulletins should not be paid directly to the A.DI.SU.
The payment of the first installment officializes the registration application. 
For enrollment purposes from the second year onwards students are no longer required to hand in receipts and attachments at the faculty Student Secreteriat.
Students who wish to be exempted from payment of university fees must apply to. A.Di.S.U within the deadline set.
For information consult the A.DI.S.U. Puglia website.


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