Specialization Schools

The Veterinary Specialization Schools belong to the Department of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Precision and Regenerative Medicine and Ionian Area - (DiMePRe-J).

Access is allowed to graduates of classes 47/S (5-year combine bachelor’s/master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine) and graduates in Veterinary Medicine of previous degree programme system DM 509/1999. 

Access to the Schools is by competition and with a planned number of places.

Inspection of food of animal origin 
Director: Prof. Giancarlo Bozzo - tel. fax. 0804679851

Infectious diseases, prophylaxis and veterinary policy
DirectorProf. BUONAVOGLIA Canio  tel. 0804679841  fax. 0804679843

Pathophysiology of domestic animalsreproduction
Director: Prof. LACALANDRA Giovanni M. - tel. 080.5443892  fax. 0805443883

Specialization Schools of the Department of Emergency and Organ Transplantation 

Technology and Pathology of Avian Species, of rabbits and of Wildlife animals 

Director: Prof. LAUDADIO Vito - tel. 080.4679918  fax. 080 5443811

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