Jean Monnet Lab: Monitoring Human Rights in Border Areas


The Jean Monnet Lab is a soft-skills laboratory dedicated to the human rights monitoring in border areas, which allows students to actively engage in research-based learning activities.

During the lab, students will be involved in four main types of activities:

(a) Preparatory seminars will allow students to be introduced to major field research methodologies and human rights monitoring.

(b) Field visits, where students will be given the opportunity to visit migrant and asylum seekers reception facilities throughout Apulia territory.

(c) Focus groups with key stakeholders at the local level (particularly managing bodies and authorities responsible for the migration governance).

(d) Data analysis workshops where students will learn techniques on how to develop a research report.

The Lab main goal is to produce a collective research report on the main challenges to the human rights protection brought about by the current migration management practices governance in border areas, as well as underlying the best practices to reduce the risk of infringement.


The Jean Monnet Lab takes place during the second semester, between February and June.

It is a 36- hour course, with a 70% mandatory attendance. The Lab attendance grants 2 ECTS credits.

Upon completion of the Jean Monnet Lab, all students who have met fulfilled the attendance requirements and actively participated in the lab's activities will be given a certificate attesting the acquired competences.




Course Coordinator


Giuseppe Campesi

Department of Political Sciences

University of Bari

Corso Italia 23

 70123 Bari

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