Non-EU students living in Italy holding a degree earned abroad

Master's Degree Programmes

Non-EU prospective students living in Italy holding a degree awarded abroad shall submit enrolment to University of Bari. They are admitted to Master's Degree Programmes without dedicated quotas and without taking Italian Language tests. 
To be eligible, such non-EU students may meet one of the following conditions:

  • they shall hold a residence permit for work reasons (seasonal work is not valid), family reasons, political reasons, humanitarian reasons, religious reasons, for exceptional merit and other special cases pursuant to Italian Law Decree, July 25, 1998 no. 286 and subsequent amendments thereto;
  • they shall hold a residence permit for study-related reasons provided that the desired Degree course can be considered a continuation of a completed course of study (e.g., from an Undergraduate Programme to a Master's Degree Programme);
  • they shall hold school diplomas awarded by Italian schools abroad;

they shall hold school diplomas awarded by foreign or international schools operating in Italy or abroad, subject to bilateral agreements or special regulations for the recognition 

  • of educational qualifications and who meet the general conditions required for entry for study-related purposes;

For further information, please refer to regulations issued by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR):


  1. In order to enrol in a course, admission to Master's Degree Programmes shall require a secondary school diploma or any other school degree earned abroad and recognised as eligible. The degree earned abroad shall be issued by a University or an officially recognised post-secondary education institution and shall allow the continuation of university studies.
  2. Enrolment to Master's Degree Programmes is subject to specific curricular-related requisites and the assessment of adequate competence. Please refer to the contact person of the Education Administration Area of the desired Master's Degree Programme. Such criteria shall be defined year by year for each Master's Degree Programme and shall be indicated:
    - in every Admission announcement pages
    - in case an admission announcement is not issued, such criteria could be found in the Regulations of each Master's Degree Programme. Please refer to the following link:
  3. Some Master's Degree Programmes could require English language assessment (minimum requirement B1 Level of CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Pursuant to applicable law and regulations issued by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR), admission shall be granted only in case documentation provided certifies requisites are met and validated. 


Enrolment in some Master's Degree Programmes is subject to admission tests: please refer to thelist of capped coursesor admission announcements.

Such test is mandatory. 


  1. An original copy of the High School Diploma or any other post-secondary education title written in a foreign language shall be provided along with a certified translation in Italian or English: applicants shall refer to local translation services and shall refer to a competent Italian Consular representation to get a compliance certificate of such translated version(s).
    The original copy of the Diploma shall be validated in compliance with the law and shall be provided with a "Declaration of Value" issued by a competent Italian Consular representation.
    Alternatively, University of Bari shall accept Statements of Comparability and Verification issued by CIMEA (Academic Equivalence Mobility Information Center).
  2. An original copy of the list of exams passed (transcript of records) issued by a University or a non-university higher education institution (written in Italian or English) is also needed. Translation of such document(s) shall be certified by a competent Italian Consular Representation. 
  3. The detailed list of syllabi of all exams passed would represent a preferential requisite; such list shall be officially stamped by the University issuing the document and a translation in Italian or English is needed. Some Master's Degree Programmes could accept such list in different languages: please refer to admission announcements and/or Regulations to know which foreign languages could not need further translation.
  4. Upon enrolment at University of Bari, prospective students shall hold a valid residence permit.

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